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Comments on Probiotic Research

From Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) August 2014 – C. difficile is an opportunistic pathogen found in the intestines of approximately 3% of healthy adults and 40% of infants. The bacterium causes a spectrum of diseases in humans, ranging from mild to severe. Infection rates are particularly high in North America and European countries. Studies have shown that this bacterium is

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Probiotics for Bowel Health | Majid Ali MD

The Human System Is Rooted In the Soil of the Contents of the Bowel PROBIOTICS FOR COLONOSCOPY I have seen a large number of patients who developed various gastrointestinal symptoms after colonoscopy, such as cramps, abdominal bloating, alternating constipation and loose bowel movements. I now advise all my patients to take yogurt or kefir – goat milk products for individuals

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