Heart videos part 4

Oxygen Model of Heart Palpitations Majid Ali MD

Pain All Over and Then a Heart Attack Part One from Majid Ali on Vimeo.

Pain All Over, Then a Heart Attack – Part Two Majid Ali MD

Q10 – My Preferred Heart-friendly Nutrient Majid Ali MD

Reversing Heart Disease One Majid Ali MD

Vitamin D Deficiency Increases the Risk of Heart Disease Majid Ali MD


More free video discussions on the heart part 5

Premium Videos – please support the staff of this website by considering premium videos
Heart Disease Bundle 1 $19.95
This is Bundle number 1 including 4 video approximately 3 hours in length total
Dr. Ali explains Chelation and natural remedies for cardiovasular disease.

Reversing Heart Disease Part 1
Reversing Heart Disease Part 2
Chelation Therapy
Preventing first and subsequent heart attacks

Heart Disease Bundle 2  $19.95
This is a four video set running approximately 3 hours combined. In it Dr. Ali discuss the following topics:

Atrial Fibrillation Seminar
Heart Stents
Heart Valve Diseases Part 1
Heart Valve Diseases Part 2


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