Diabetes videos part 5

Be Insulin-Literate to Prevent and Reverse Diabetes, Please! Majid Ali MD

Lipitor Increases Diabetes – Another Prediction Proven Right Majid Ali MD

How Does Chelation Work for Diabetes Majid Ali MD

A1c Intuitive Monitoring for Diabetes Majid Ali MD

Chelation Works Better for Cardiovascular Disorders in Diabetes Majid Ali MD

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Diabetes Book
Dr. Ali presents his plan for reversing Diabetes. In cases when diabetes cannot be reversed due to complete insulin depletion, this book offers valuable information on avoiding the complications of diabetes.

DIABETES – Diabetes Set – group 1 Bundle
I Have Diabetes Part One
I Have Diabetes Part Two
Insulin Toxicity and Reversing Diabetes
Reversing Diabetes pancreatic Plasticity

Diabetes – I Have Diabetes. I Have to Lose It. Seminar 1 – Course on Diabetes
This 40-minute Part 1 of “I Have Diabetes. I Have to Lose It” Seminar of “Dr. Ali’s Course on Diabetes,” Professor Ali outlines his program for reversing diabetes Type 2 with natural non-drug therapies. He focuses on the need for: (1) Clear thinking (diabetes is a problem of insulin, not of sugar); (2) Being true to the healer in the mirror; (3) ,Simplifying, simplifying, and simplifying a philosophy of food; and (5) a clear-eyes view of insulin-friendly and insulin-unfriendly foods.

Diabetes – I Have Diabetes. I Have to Lose It. Seminar 2 – Course on Diabetes
This 36-minute Part 2 of “I Have Diabetes. I Have to Lose It” Seminar of “Dr. Ali’s Course on Diabetes,” Professor Ali offers his diet plan for reversing diabetes Type 2 along with insulin-friendly recipes. Next, he offers specific guidelines for nutrients, spices, herbs, and mineral supplementation. He also emphasizes the need for gentle daily bowel, blood, and liver detox therapies.

Diabetes – Reversing Diabetes – Subtypes of Diabetes Type 2: 2A and 2B
In this 40-minute seminar, Professor Majid Ali, M.D. Presents his reasons for why he subdivides types diabetes Type 2 into two subtype 2A and subtype 2B. Simply stated, diabetes Type 2A is a state of insulin toxicity created by insulin resistance and hyperinsulinism whereas diabetes Type 2B is an insulin-depletion state. Diabetes Type 2A with insulin excess and diabetes Type 2B with insulin-depletion are quite different in their: (1) Basic natures of the disorder; (2) Treatment goals of the disorder; (3) Explanations of the disorder for the patient; (4) Ways of assessing the efficacy of the treatment; (5) Expected duration of treatment for de-diabetization; (6) Consequences of making exceptions in the dietary plans; and (7) Worldwide rethinking about the so-called insulin-dependent diabetes.

Diabetes Reversing By Regenerating Pancreas Seminar
In this 45-minute video seminar, Professor Majid Ali, M.D. explains why it is essential to do a three-hour insulin profile to distinguish diabetes Type 2 into two subtypes: high-insulinType 2 A and low-insulinType 2 B. He explains why reversing the former is easier to reverse than the latter. Regenerating the pancreas to reverse diabetes low-insulinType 2 B requiring more discipled efforts. 

Diabetes – Insulin Toxicity and Reversal of Diabetes Seminar 
In this 55-minute video seminar, Professor Majid Ali, M.D. discusses the causes, clinical features, and consequences of insulin toxicity, including pre-diabetes and later diabetes. He offers a broad evolutionary view of insulin toxicity (insulin being the minister of energy of the body) and presents clear evidence for his Oxygen Model of Insulin Toxicity. He explains crucial aspects of the physiology and pathology of insulin. In a companion video seminar entitled “Dr. Ali’s Insulin-Reduction Diet Plan,” he offers recommendations for natural remedies are simple and low-cost remedies for insulin toxicity and for reversing diabetes.


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