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Psoriasis – Natural Remedies

Natural Remedies for Psoriasis Psoriasis is an oxygen problem before it becomes a skin problem. The typical red, angry, itching, and scaly skin areas that constitute psoriasis are caused by underlying problems of skin toxicity caused by mold toxins and other toxic acids produced during excessive gut fermentation. All factors that set the stage for excessive gut fermentation—directly or indirectly—are

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Should I Take Humira for Psoriasis?

Humira for Psoriasis Majid Ali, M.D. Only one person can give an authentic answer to the above question if you have psoriasis: you. For any chronic skin condition, only you can be effective primary physician for yourself. Psoriasis is not an exception. For acute flare-ups of psoriasis, indeed you need a doctor’s attention, and sometimes medications. For the long-term control,

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