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How Do I treat Memory Problems and Alzheimer’s Disease?

Majid Ali, M.D. 140 West End Avenue 212-873-2444 —————————————————————————- How do I treat Alzheimer’s disease? A doctor-friend asked me. “By focusing on three things: Oxygen, insulin, and gut fermentation caused by overgrowth of yeast and yeast-like fermenting microbes. The scientific basis of doing this is simple. Alzheimer’s disease is rooted in decreased oxygen signaling, increased insulin signaling, and excessive gut

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Type 2 Diabetes – Beta Cell Dysfunction orWhat Comes First? Beta Cell Dysfunction or Insulin Receptor Dysfunction

                               Majid Ali, M.D.           140 West End Avenue, New York, NY 10023                                 212-873-2444 ————————————————————————–   References for Insulin Toxicity and Diabetes  Ali M. Fayemi AO,

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