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Re-Imagining Health

Majid Ali, M.D. 140 West End Avenue, New York, NY 10023 212-873-2444   Phases of Imagining Health and Disease Through Evolution of Human Consciousness African Rift Valley Periods No Breath Disables Periods Pain is Bad Awareness Periods Blood and broken Bones Are Bad Periods Evil Spirits Disable, Good Spirits Make it Better Periods No Motion Disables Periods  Hunting-gathering Periods Barks,

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Fruit and vegetable rotations | Majid Ali MD

Best Fruits and Veggies First, Second and Third Choice Foods Choice One Foods Food choices in this category are the best. These foods are ideal for sustaining a life span in optimal health, and meet my four criteria for life span foods (when allergy to any of these foods for an individual has been excluded). These items are excellent sources of steady-state energy and

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Proteins | Majid Ali MD

Proteins We need proteins for their amino acids. We need amino acids as building blocks for tissue proteins, hormones and neurotransmitters. As a source of energy, I regard them as “time-release energy molecules.” Amino acids are also the premium intelligence molecules of the body. Properly formulated amino acid and peptide products prepared from natural proteins by partial hydrolysis (predigestion) are excellent sources of these nutrients. Many

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Healing Foods

Minerals and Vitamins from Fresh Foods Life Span Minerals and Aging-Oxidant Minerals Life span minerals sustain life; aging-oxidant minerals cause premature aging. Examples of life span minerals are iron, calcium, sodium, potassium, magnesium, zinc, selenium, molybdenum, chromium, copper, cobalt, boron and others. Examples of aging oxidant minerals are lead, mercury, aluminum, tin, cadmium, gold and others. Our science and technology

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Food Choices for Good Health

18 Practical Food Choice Guidelines Majid Ali, M.D. The 18 recommendations that I make to my human canaries (people with chronic fatigue), are discussed at length in The Butterfly and Life Span Nutrition,  companion volume to The Canary and Chronic Fatigue. Here I include a brief outline of those recommendations, which are universally good choices for optimal health.

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