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LYME DISEASE Lyme disease is an endemic problem in many parts of the United States. Most people get better without diagnosis or treatment—as they did before the early 1970s when the Lyme spirochaete was recognized. Such individuals show positive antibody tests indicating exposure to the microbe for decades. Below I summarize my experience with Lyme disease:, as well as that

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CHRONIC FATIGUE SYNDROME For years, most physicians dismissed chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) as an all-in-the-head problem. And most victims of CFS suffered the indignity of being told that they were hypochondriacs, and that they merely imagined their three main symptoms: (1) disabling fatigue; (2) persistent muscle and joint pain; and (3) severe problems of brain fog, irritability and depression.Many doctors

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  FIBROMYALGIA I ask the readers to carefully consider the following facts about fibromyalgia. While some of the terms and concepts may seem tedious, once the meaning of those terms is grasped, fibromyalgia will no longer be a mystery malady. It will be easy for them to understand how their symptoms are produced. More importantly, they will be able to

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