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Cholesterol – the useful idiots of statin makers

Cholesterol New plaques in arteries rarely, if ever, show cholesterol crystals when examined under microscopes. In old and large plaques, cholesterol deposits are nearly always found in the deep regions, away from the plaque surface facing the flowing blood. These basic facts of pathology reveal that cholesterol is deposited after plaques have enlarged and caused deep tissue injury in the

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Cholesterol Heart Health

Majid Ali, M.D. I predict that an honest “Healing-the-Heart Movement”will never take roots until the “Cancer of Cholesterol-Think” is eradicated. I choose these strong words carefully—introducing the terms Healing-the-Heart Movement and Cholesterol-Think—for a clear purpose. I will let you decide whether in doing so I seek cheap thrills or whether I have an authentic message that deserves to be delivered

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Five Cholesterol Husbands – Part 2: Cholesterol-Literate and Healing-Illiterate

Majid Ali, M.D. Continued From Part 1 Entitled “Five Cholesterol Husbands Part 1: Do You Know Your Pink/Purple Cholesterol Cholesterol? Cholesterol Pill – How Long Will You Take It – Majid Ali MD from Majid Ali on Vimeo. Are you taking Lipitor or Crestor, Zocor, or Pravachol? If you are, why is your doctor giving you these drugs? Are you

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