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A free course on Liver Health NOW | Majid Ali MD

Liver HEALTH NOW It is one of the profound ironies of prevailing drug medicine that there is no concept of liver detox among liver specialists. Treatment of most liver diseases in the hands of gastroenterologists and hepatologists is confined to the use of immune-suppressive therapies, such as steroids, chemotherapy drugs, large doses of agents such as interferon, or liver transplants.

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Mini-stroke (TIA), Turmeric, and Vitamin C

Majid Ali, M.D. TIA is short for a medical term for mini-stroke. The full term is transient ischemic attack. The term ischemia means reduced blood supply. So, the term TIA refers to a temporary stroke-like condition caused by a reduction in the blood supply to some part of the brain, which then suffers a temporary loss of function. Here is

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CASTOR OIL: A PREMIUM DYSOX REMEDY Majid Ali, M.D. My patients have taught me the following lessons about castor oil: • It can be a very competent assistant to the oxygen king of human biology; • It serves the oxygen king by supporting and stabilizing all three legs of Oxygen’s Three-Legged Throne: acid-alkali balance; oxidant-antioxidant regulation; and clotting-unclotting equilibrium; and

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