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Comments on Probiotic Research

From Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) August 2014 – C. difficile is an opportunistic pathogen found in the intestines of approximately 3% of healthy adults and 40% of infants. The bacterium causes a spectrum of diseases in humans, ranging from mild to severe. Infection rates are particularly high in North America and European countries. Studies have shown that this bacterium is

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Garden of the Bowel

A good gardener knows the following three things about his garden: First, he has to work the soil regularly. Second, he cannot banish every fungus (yeast), bug, or weed from his garden. Third, after he has seeded and tended the soil, he looks up and hopes for the sunshine and rain to bring out his flowers. The soil in the

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Probiotics for Bowel Health | Majid Ali MD

The Human System Is Rooted In the Soil of the Contents of the Bowel PROBIOTICS FOR COLONOSCOPY I have seen a large number of patients who developed various gastrointestinal symptoms after colonoscopy, such as cramps, abdominal bloating, alternating constipation and loose bowel movements. I now advise all my patients to take yogurt or kefir – goat milk products for individuals

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Dr. Ali’s Course on Allergy

Dr. Ali’s Course on Allergy During the early 1980s, many clinical observations led me to investigate the role of altered states of the bowel ecosystem on the clinical manifestations of allergy and hypersensitivity reactions. For example, a marked improvement in symptoms of atopic dermatitis was observed in many patients with empirical therapies that putatively “restored the bowel health.” Relief of

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Repopulating Bowel Bacteria

Repopulating Bowel Bacteria Majid Ali, MD A “seed, feed and occasionally weed” holistic approach to the problem of restoring a damaged bowel ecosystem is the centerpiece of my chronic fatigue management. Seeding is the repopulation of the gut with microflora that have been destroyed by indiscriminate use of antibiotics or crowded out by the unrestrained proliferation of yeast and bacterial

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COLITIS: WHAT’S IN A NAME? Majid Ali, M.D. My own ecologic thinking, as I recall it, began one day in 1969. As a pathology resident, I received a large basin brimming with a messy inflamed and distended colon with copious bloody fecal matter spilling out of some tears in its wall. It was not much fun to clean that bowel

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