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ENERGY HEALING-Directed Pulses | Majid Ali MD

ENERGY HEALING The Miracles of Directed Pulses Majid Ali, M.D. What is the hardest of all? That which you hold the most simple; seeing with your own eyes what is spread out before you. Goethe The heart beats to pump blood into the arteries. Then it relaxes and its chambers open up to receive blood from the veins. During systole

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Limbic Healthy Breathing | Majid Ali MD

Essentials of Limbic Breathing There are three essential components of limbic breathing, two mechanical and one energetic: (1) diaphragmatic ventilation (2) prolongation of expiration after a momentary pause following inspirations (3) an energetic component that begins with simple autogenic suggestions of energetic tissue expansion and ends with heightened awareness of tissue energy and profound physiological benefits.

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