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CASTOR OIL: A PREMIUM DYSOX REMEDY Majid Ali, M.D. My patients have taught me the following lessons about castor oil: • It can be a very competent assistant to the oxygen king of human biology; • It serves the oxygen king by supporting and stabilizing all three legs of Oxygen’s Three-Legged Throne: acid-alkali balance; oxidant-antioxidant regulation; and clotting-unclotting equilibrium; and

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Green Tea

Green Tea: Anti-inflammatory and blood thinner Majid Ali, M.D. Green tea is an excellent anti-inflammatory and blood thinner with well established cancer-fighting properties. Next to water, tea (black and green) is the most popularly consumed beverage in the world. Green tea has drawn special notice in the concept of prevention of cancer using foods, natural beverages, and spices. The epidemiological

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