Castor oil for Health videos part 1

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  • I always watch your video on castor oil and use it all over my body and face after my foot soak, bought your Oral Chelation Ecology protocol is great and will be ordering. I share all your video with friends and so far
    they love you. I have my aunt 78 and I told her foot soak and rub castor oil cause she cannot get out of her bed with all her pains and she is in great shape now and can do all chores at home.Her daughters are nurses and asked her what do you do mother maybe you are in love? She does not tell her nurses children cause
    she said her daughters are all stubborn and finally said foot soaks and castor oil that I forwarded all your
    article and am the living sample. I lost a lot of weight too. I wish I can donate but social security is just enough
    for my accommodation. I do not take any medication and I do listen to all your health principles and we must be responsible to the biology of our body.Health is wealth and that is what I am blessed. Dr. Ali your articles are very sensible and from your real experience as physician and writer. I love you.


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