Cancer videos part 1

Peroxide for Cancer Majid Ali MD

Risk of Pancreas Cancer and Diabetes Drugs Majid Ali MD

Senescent Cells, Cancer, and Aging Majid Ali MD

Stomach Cancer-H. pylori Connection Majid Ali MD

$525,000 a Year for a Cancer Surgeon Who Does No Cancer Surgery Majid Ali MD

$25,000 for Cancer Surgery for Non-Cancer Majid Ali MD

Basal Cell Cancer of Skin Is Not Cancer Majid Ali MD

Cancer, Oxygen, and Otto Warburg Majid Ali MD

Cancer of Esophagus Beware Majid Ali MD


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One comment

  • I need information on alternative treatment for a pancreatic head mass, other than surgery. Is this possible that conventional surgery could be avoided? I donated $ 25.00 in the past.
    Walter chow


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