Hello, I am Prof. Majid Ali, the founder of SCIENCE, HEALTH, AND HEALING ENCYCLOPEDIA of video essays.

Our vision is to offer health and healing information completely untainted by corporate influences.

If our vision resonates with you and you wish to support it, please visit http://www.majidali.com to order on-line my books, DVD seminars, and lecture series on CD packages.

May you be gracious, graceful, and generous. Thank you. Majid Ali


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  • Dr. Ali, I have been diagnosed with fibro for the past 6 months. I have tested/negative for Lyme, but positive on the 41kdwestern band of the igg test. I also have a sore pain on my inner thigh with no visible sore. When pressed, you feel many small nodules. I was a runner in extreme heat conditions for quite some time. I was wondering if a lack of O2 has caused all of this. Your thoughts and insights would be appreciated. Best regards, Ray


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