The ‘un-un’ (undiagnosed–untreated) ‘metabolic syndrome of unborn and newly born babies’

Majid Ali, M.D.

Solo author of twelve volumes ‘The Principles and Practice of Integrative Medicine’

The writer of this short article recognizes a previously unrecognized entity of a potentially serious metabolic disorder of unborn and newly born babies, designated here, as ‘un-un-metabolic syndrome’ of the unborn baby with serious long-term consequences for both baby and mother, resulting from the reprehensible neglect of OB-GYN specialists and primary physicians of not including needed insulin testing as a part of lab testing for gestational diabetes (simply done by checking the insulin box on the requisition slip, as has been the practice of this writer for the last 30 years)

A Boyhood Perspective

Several years before joining medical school, the writer recalls his fascination with comments over-heard from His overweight aunts and other family women Speaking about delivering overweight babies following pregnancies with excess weight gain during the pregnancy months. If mothers are overweight, why wouldn’t the unborn babies also not become big?

Years later, in medical school, he read long-term reports of obesity and metabolic syndrome developing in overweight newborns when they reached the sixth and seventh decades of life.

 Why would that be a surprise? he asked himself.

Those questions returned years later when the writer, as an integrative physician started serious studies of insulin homeostasis in all his patients, including blood insulin level measurements with four, timed blood samples drawn after a glucose test load. Then he recognized and described the horror of the entity of:

the “un-un syndrome of unborn babies’

An Insulin disorder of the unborn baby with serious long-term metabolic consequences for the affected baby and not yet born baby.

 A sad and serious consequence of professional neglect caused by a failure to investigate early insulin dysfunction with appropriate insulin testing in expecting mothers and their undelivered babies, resulting from unacceptable neglect of OB-GYN and other physicians to order needed insulin tests for the expecting mother as a part of laboratory tests done for the diagnosis of gestational diabetes in an expecting mother

Therefore, might we consider the ‘un-un metabolic syndrome’ a man-made genetic disorder passing down from parents to babies, and so on?

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