Three Furies of Covid-19 infections and diseases

By Majid Ali, MD, FRCS, (Eng.), FCAP (USA)

Solo Author ‘The Principles and Practice of Integrative Medicine’ (12 Volumes)

Three Furies of Covid-19 infections and diseases:

  • 1. Excesss Oxidative Stress, 2. Disrupted Oxygen Signaling, 3. Excess Acidity

Oxidosis is the build up of oxidants in the body that leads to excessive oxidative injury to the molecules, cells, and tissues. Oxidosis is the basic mechanism of all  cellular and tissue injury. It creates both dysoxygenosis and acidosis. Covid-19 cannot be understood without a full grasp of this simple scientific fact. Nor can anyone design a rational and scientific plan of recovery from Covid-19 without grounding all therapies on this fact.

Dysoxygenosis is my term for abnormal oxygen metabolism. It is not simply a lack of available oxygen in the lungs or tissues. In dysoxygenosis, cells and tissues cannot fully utilize oxygen that is available to them. The symptom-complexes of Covid-19 cannot be understood without a full grasp of this scientific fact.

Disoxygenosis is caused by oxidosis and, in turn, fans the flames of oxidosis as well as acidosis. Consider the following: A healthy young man sprints two hundred yards on a beach, stops to catch his breath, and within minutes I ready to sprint again. That is not the case with a young immune compromised individual. If he were ever to sprint (even after a lightning storm, when the beach air has been cleared of pollutants), he would not be able to get out of his bed the next day. Indeed, many immune compromised may be bed ridden for days after such exertion. There will evidently be no deficiency of oxygen in the air by the sea, nor in his lungs. His problem will be abnormal oxygen metabolism.

Acidosis disturbs the delicate balance between acids and alkalis (pH level) in the body. The changes in pH seriously interfere with the activities of enzymes involved in the digestive-absorptive, detox, neurotransmitter, and energy functions of the body. Acidosis is caused by oxidosis and dysogygenosis which, in turn, feeds the fires of both oxidosis and dysogygenosis.

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