Kawasaki – COVID -19 Link In Children

Majid Ali, M.D.

140 West End Avenue, New York, NY 10023


Surgeon-Pathologist-Nutritionist- Integrative Environmental Medicine Practitioner,

Solo Author, The Principles and Practice of Medicine (In 14 Volumes


Kawasaki Syndrome Affecting Children During COVID-19 Pandemic

It Is Being Considered a Mystery.

It Need Not Be Considered a Mystery.

 , A Mystery. Not Really.

Yes It can be a very Serious health Challenge children affected by COVID – 19 Virus.

But, No, It need not be considered a mystery.

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The Author’s words for his readers during this trying COVID-19 days: May you be gracious, graceful, and generous in spirits.



The Kawasaky-COVID-19 Link Must be Clearly understood by the treating team of doctors for Effective Treatment .Intravenous IG Infusions alone Should not Be Considered Complete Treatment.


Even basic knowledge of short abbreviations given below of three medical terms reveals the mystery and opens the door to sound treatment plan. for this potentially very dangerous syndrome

Three Abbreviations are:

  • CAW
  • CAS
  • MPO

Question: What might be the link between COVID-19 virus and Kawasaky syndrome in children?

First Hint:

During flu epidemics and pandemics, VOVID-19 virus thrives on  high-acidity-low-oxygen tissues. How might this simple fact of all flu epidemics and pandemics deepen our understanding of dangers of all flu viruses (including COVID-19), as well as reveal to us how we can weaken the flu viruses while we strength our total-body ability to fight diverse diseases?

Second Hint:

What other microbial species also virus thrives on  high-acidity-low-oxygen tissues?

Third Hint:

What common microbial organism travels readily fast from moms to their babies? Familiarity with this simple question is very revealing for integrative physicians.

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