Third Dimension of COVID-19. 81,000 Americans lose their lives to seasonal flu viruses every three years.

Majid Ali, M.D.

Surgeon-Pathologist-Nutritionist-Integrative Physician, Author

140 West End Avenue, Suite 1-H, NY, NY 10023



Solo Author of The Principles and Practice of Integrative Medicine (in 14 volumes and The Flu, T, he Rooster, and the Imperial Medicine of the New Empire (2006). Fourteen years ago, in my above-mentioned flu book, I predicted COVID-19. There was no risk-taking there since it seemed certain that 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic which killed between 75 and 100 millions people wordwide, would be followed by other pandemics.

The flu experts on radio, television, and political arenas always seemed utterly dedicated to covering the following two dimensions of the killer flu ep[idemics:

  1. In their first dimension, the experts declared that between twenty-five to forty thousand American will die in the epidemic, many of them dying after duly receiving their flu vaccine. They also duly notified commoners that they would not be any effective drugs against the virus.
    1. In their second dimension, they pronounced that those who die would die mostly of the following three underlying conditions: (1) diabetes, (2) asthma, and (3) compromised immune systems.
  2. O, yes, they did have a third dimension of their deep concern: strong advice that people must wash their hands frequently with soap and water and do so for more than twenty seconds, and cough and sneeze in paper towels. That is sound advice.


81,000 Americans are expected to surrender their lives

to the seasonal flu viruses every three years.

In early April, 2020, the White House informed Americans that 27000 of them die on average every year as a result of infection with seasonal flu virus.

In my online “Third Dimension COVID-19 Series,” I respectfully suggest that we Americans consider a third dimension of the problem: We individually take full responsibility ourselves for learning, knowing, and practicing natural remedies that weaken the flu virus and strengthen our human tissues against the virus which seeks and thrives on tissues that are low on oxygen and high on acids. The virus is quite clever about oxygen. It knows oxygen is no good for it. It is clever about one other thing: It knows flies and their maggots thrive on low-oxygen-high-acidity decomposing flesh. So it searches for low-oxygen-high-acid human tissues to feed upon and deliver its babies.

I offer my suggestions for keeping our tissues high on oxygen and low in acidity with natural remedies in my Third-dimension COVID Series here. For skeptics, I offer FREE of Cost three online courses here:

  1. Dr. Ali’s Oxygen Course
  2. Dr. Ali’s Insulin Course
  3. Dr. Ali’s Bowel Health Course.

Please use your search engines to freely get to brief and not-brief articles of this series to suit your taste. The right panel of this web page presents in red ink in an alphabetical order more than 300 videos on diverse aspects of fighing viruses and other forms of microbes. All that information is also FREE for everyone.

We could wait for a vaccine or some effective anti-flu drugs. That does not seem to be a good alternative dimension. Or we could consider it our personal responsibility to learn how to disarm the virus by turning our body tissues from a low-oxygen-high-acidity state (which FLU viruses thrive upon) to a high oxygen -low-acidity state which flu viruses run away from) just like flies and their maggots do.

was not not going to be the last flu pandemic.

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