Be Stronger for COVID – 20 With More Oxygen And Reduced Acids in the Body

Majid Ali, M.D.

Surgeon – Pathologist-Nutritionist, Clinical Ecologist

Solo Author, The Principles and Practice of Medicine (in 12 Volumes)

The Way of COVID Viruses

COVID-19 this year to COVID 20 Next Year.

We Can Prepare Ourselves for COVID-20 With More Oxygen, Less Acids, Keeping Insulin Down to Normal Levels, and Fight COVID-20 In Much Better Health. I explain all this in my FREE Internet courses on oxygen and Insulin (Use Your Search Engines for FREE Access..

Or We Can Ignore COVID – 19, Let Acids Increase, Oxygen Decrease, and Insulin Increase to Increase the Risk of Diabetes

For More Information on These Crucial Subjects, Please Scroll Down and Find Links to Related Articles In Red Color

Please, Please, Be Informed and Healthy to Fight COVID-20, the Devil Which Will Appear in One or the Other Form next year.

You Alone Can Strengthen or Weaken Yourself for One of the Crona Viruses of the Year 2021, Whther It Is Called CROVID-20 or CROVID= 21 It. Time Will Tell If We All Can Work Together and Rise to the Challenge.


What Is the Main Weapon of Cronavirus — 19. ?

Excess Acids in Human Tissues.

What Is the Main Weapon of Human Cells Against Cronavirus 19. ?

More Oxygen in the. Body Tissues

What Will be the Main Weappon of COVID 20 Virus ?

Excess Acids in Human Tissues.

What Will Be the Main Weapon of COVID 20 ?

Excess Acids in Human Tissues?

What Will Be the Main Weapon Against COVID 20 Virus



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