Stronger You for COVID- 20 With More Oxygen and Lesser Body Burden of Acids

Main Weapon of the Virus: Excess Acids in the Body

Main Weapon of the Body Against Crona Virus: More Oxygen.


Majid Ali, M.D. 

Surgeon-Pathologist-Clinical Ecologist, Molecular Biology of Oxygen Specialist,

Solo Author,  The Principles and Practice of Integrative Medicine (in 12 Volumes)

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Did very Yearly Seasonal Flu Epidemic really kill 27000 Americans? No!

Let us be honest with ourselves. Let us consider if blaming 27000 yearly deaths on seasonal flu species is scientifically justified.

The Trial

The Flu Virus Versus Doctors

In the resolution of clash between flu viral species and us doctors, the case against flu virus and for us doctors can be made only with authenticity of clinical observations of experienced clinicians and the complete validity of data in the basic science fields of medical scientific disciplines. We doctors must be well-versed with science and philosophy of holism in healing. This is where I regretfully recognize that we doctors have generally been seriously delinquent in pursuit of established scientific truths concerning our role in the worsening adverse impact on human health of nutritional, environmental, and stress-related factors. 

We in medicine must recognize that we have paid scant, if any, attention to the basic scientific facts of the three primary human bioeenergetics.  Specifically,

1. First, every cell in every body organ is a living being, and so is the whole human body seen as a whole— an energy being.

2. All cellular and tissues-organ systems are driven by oxygen signaling designated oxygen bioenergetics in my past and current writings.

3.  All cellular and tissue-organ systems are regulated by insulin signaling designated insulin bioenergetics in my past and current writings.

4. The primary fuel for the whole-body energetics is provided by the alimentary tract, generally referred to as gut ecology and gut microbiome in my writing.

5. Injured cells and tissues do not heal with drugs and surgical scalpels.  The leadership in our medical communities pays only lip service to the validity of the basic facts and principle listed above. A cursory look at current three to five monthly issues of top seven medical journals and brief auditing of medical classroom teaching will make it abundantly clear to every reader of the core validity of my core points above.

Three Primary Bioenergetic Systems of the Body

1. Oxygen Bioenergetics

2. Insulin Bioenergetics

3. Gut Bioenergetics

I present an enormous body of biochemical, microscopic, microbiologic, and clinical evidence for designating the above three body bioenergetics as the three primary bioenergetic systems of the human body in the twelve volumes of  my textbook, The Principles and the Practice of Integrative Medicine. 

For several years, I have diligently searched for any published evidence to show that we physicians in the United States as a profession ever made robust efforts to effectively address issues of damage to these primary bioenergetics of the human body during or after seasonal flu epidemics. We systematically neglected  all indigenous therapies recognized empirically for centuries to strengthen these three primary bioenergetic systems of the body. Nor has the profession even tried to address these issues in the current CROVID–19  pandemic.

Simply Stated, two Basic and Essential Scientific Facts That Must Be Learned By All Children, Adults, and the Elderly Are:

  1. All injured cells and tissues in the human body heal by oxygen bioenergetics, insulin bioenergetics, and gut bioenergetics. (Free Courses on oxygen, insulin, and gut bioenergetics are offered online by the author for readers interested in deep understanding of energetic mechanisms of health and disease. 

  2. None of Injured and dysfunctional cells and tissues in the body heal with drugs or surgical scalpels.

For Detailed additional Information on this and related subjects, please consider the following three free-access companion posts on this website: 

  1.     COVID–19–Patho-Bio-Energetics –                 Oxygen

  2.    COVID–19–Patho-Bio-Energetics –                 Insulin

  3.     COVID–19–Patho-Bio-Energeticss     –             Gut

Is the Title Question of this article Crucial? Yes.

In Late March 2020, We Were Informed by the White House that During Several Years Prior to 2020, Seasonal Flu Epidemics Took An Average of 27000 American Lives .

            Is That Really True?

            Is the Question in the Title of This Post Really                               Important?

Why? Because No other question about CORVID-19 (Corona Virus Pandemic of 2020), or About Any Other Flu Epidemic Is More Important For Saving Human Lives.

And because no Other Question compels us to think deeper and raise more troublesome, revealing, and meaningful  questions.

What Makes People Specially Vulnerable to Flu Viruses?

Human Cells Low in Oxygen.

And Human Cells High in Acids

Flu Vs. The People

The Crucial Question

In March 2020, We were told by the White house that As An Average 27,000 Americans lost their lives to yearly seasonal flu during the several preceding years.

Question: what was done to improve the health of Americans during the year between two consecutive consecutive seasonal flu epidemics which together took 54,000 American Lives?

Crucial Questions:

After sequential seasonal flu epidemics:

(1) What Was Done to improve the health of their lungs By Addressing Issues of Oxygen-Insulin-Gut Bioenergetics?

(2) What Was Done to improve the strength of their Immune System by Addressing Issues of Oxygen-Insulin-Gut Bioenergetics?

(3) What Was Done to Improve Their Cardiovascular Health?


(4) What Was Done to Teach People and Their Children that Their Body Energetics Deranged by Flu Viruses Cannot Be Restored With Drugs ans Surgical Scalpels?


Were specific tests done to Determine the Functional Health of Their

                 1. Oxygen-Driven Body Energetics?

                 2. Insulin-Driven Body Energetics

                3. Gut -Related Body Energetics, With Sharp Focus on Issues of Gut                                                  Fermentation With Overgrowth of Yeast-Like Microbes


              1. Were tests done for Clogged Oxygen-driven Energy Reactions?

              2. Were Tests Done for Insulin Toxicity and Metabolic Derangements?

              3. Were Tests for mold Toxins, Mold Allergy, and Mold (Yeast) Overgrowth Done?

For In-Depth Discussions of These Subjects, Readers are Invited to consider the following:

1. Free Online Course on Insulin Toxicity

2. Free Online Course on Altered Bowel Ecology and Gut Microbiome

3.  Free Course on Bowel and Liver Detox.


The Flu Versus the People

If the Leaders of Medical Communities completely Neglected All of the Above after Each Seasonal Flu Epidemic, Who Should be Held Responsible for those Yearly 27,000 Deaths of Seasonal Flu Epidemics? the Flu or the Medical Profession?

If the Guardians of Public Health Education and Health Care completely Neglected All of the Deaths after Each Seasonal Flu Epidemic, Who Should be Held Responsible for those Yearly 27,000 Deaths of Seasonal Flu Epidemics? the Flu or the Politicians and Civic Leaders? 

What Makes People Vulnerable to Flu Viruses?

Human Cells Low in Oxygen.

And Human Cells High in Acids

Were children, their parents, and their grandparents taught these simple scientific truths?

Why Does Seasonal Flu Virus Most Kill Elderly People With Chronic Conditions?

We Are Told Flu Virus Is a Respiratory Virus. Does it Mean It is Especially Dangerous for People With chronic lung diseases? Is So, Did Doctors Especially focused on Education of Americans in Matters of Oxygen and Acidity? And Especially What American Could Learn About Nondrug Ways of Strengthening the Body’s Oxygen Bioenergertics? 

Why Are the Cells of Older Persons More Vulnerable to Flu Viruses? 

Because Cells in Tissues of Older People have Lower of  Oxygen and Higher Levels of Acids Than Those in Younger Age Groups

Suggested Learning: Dr. Ali’s Free-Access Course on

Molecular Biology of Oxygen

Is There Another Factor in the Human Body That Makes Such a Dramatic Difference between the Older and Younger Individuals?

Yes. Insulin Toxicity.

How Does Insulin Toxicity Make Older People More  Vulnerable to Flu Viruses Than Younger Individuals?

Because Insulin Toxicity is Anti Oxygen

And Because Insulin Toxicity Is Pro-Acids

And Because Insulin Toxicity Is Fattening, Inflaming, and Fermenting.

And Because Excess Fat, Inflammation, and Fermentation Increase Flu Viral Virulence  

Coming Back to the Title Question of this article:

Is It True that Seasonal Flu Takes 20,000 to 30,000 human Lives Every Year?

No It Is Not True? Pathologists Who Doing Autopsy On Hospitalized Patients Almost Never Enter ‘Flu’ As  the Cause of Death on Death Certificates.

Why Is That So?

Because They List Cause(s) of Death on Death Certificates Which They Can Prove, such As Pneumonia, Kidney Failure, Coronary Artery Blockages, Blood Sepsis. 

In most Cases, Pathologists Cannot Prove that Flu Virus Took the patient’s Life. 

So One asks: Did Corona Virus Really Did kill the number of people It is Accused to Having Killed?

The Only Person Who Can Provide An Authentic  Answer to the Question Would be a pathologist Who Has Done Hundreds Or At Leasts Dozens of Autopsies on Individuals Who Were Hospitalized for Flu Infections. 

Dr. Ali’s Limbic Breathing 

Limbic Feather Breathing

Fewer Breaths, More Energy

Majid Ali, M.D.

Feather Breathing is a form of Limbic Breathing which I developed for beginners in auto-regulation. It is simple, effective, and completely safe. The focus in Feather Breathing is purely on effortlessly prolonging the breathe-out phase (exhalation) of breathing while completely ignoring the breathe-in (inspiration) phase. The simple steps of Feather Breathing are:

* Imagine that there is a thin feather almost touching the nostrils;

* Breathe out through the nostrils so slowly as not to move the delicate pringle of the feather;

* Exhale for as long as possible, but comfortably;

* Completely ignore the mode and duration of breathing in—exhalation after a gentle prolonged inspiration is always good and the issues of breathing through one or the other nostril or mouth breathing are not relevant in Feather Breathing inspiration;

* Do not analyze the simple mechanics of Feather Breathing; and

* After initial training, slide in and out of Feather Breathing at work and at home without conscious effort.

Feather Breathing in my experience is the best way to prevent and/or reverse the adverse effects of subliminal hyperventilation on oxygen homeostasis. Feather Breathing dramatically improves oxygen transport and functionalities in times of stress and autonomic dysequilibrium. I return to this subject in the section entitled “Improved Mitochondrial Function with Limbic Breathing.”

How Can I Learn Feather Breathing?

By just trying it. It is evident from the above description of Feather Breathing does not require any special staffing, equipment, or space. It can be learned singly or in groups. At the Institute of Integrative Medicine, most people learn it well within fifteen to thirty minutes. The great advantage of this method is that it can be practiced at home, at work, in a park, or in buses and trains.

Please remember do not ask your self whether you are doing it right. Please, please simply breathe out slowly. The next breath in will be naturally right.

Fewer Breaths, More Energy

How Can slow breathing give more energy? I anticipate doubt in the reader’s mind. It is counter-intuitive. The energy in the body depends on mitochondrial ATP generation. How can mitochondrial function be enhanced with slow breathing? I also anticipate this question. Deep breathing is so entrenched in people’s mind, that the very notion of slow breathing is problematic for them.

Simply stated, slow breathing allows more time for oxygen to move from air sacs in the lungs to the blood in the lung capillaries. Oxygen takes almost twenty times more time to travel that distance than carbon dioxide. Rapid blowing of carbon dioxide disturbs the body’s chemistry in many ways that also impair the ability of oxygen to cross cell membranes and enter cells. These simple and basic facts of physiology are seldom, if ever, duly recognized by doctors.

I have taught slow Limbic Breathing to my patients as an essential part of self healing for thirty years. Feather Breathing is the simplest and most effective method of such breathing for the beginner. Below is the description of Feather Breathing. I follow that an outline of my personal journey with self-regulation and the development of Limbic Breathing. I include several illustrative case studies of the value of Limbic Breathing in companion tutorials in my Energy Healing Series listed under “Energy Healing.”

Suggested Additional Learning

Dr. Ali’s FREE Course on Insulin Homeostasis and Insulin Toxicity

at WWW. Ali Healing.Org

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