Hope Is Self-Compassion


Majid Ali, M.D.

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Hope As Wishful Thinking

Hope As A Word of Medical Jargon

Hope As A Matter of Self-Awareness

Hope AS Self-Compassion

Hope As A State of Biology



Hope As A State of Biology

Hope As

Hope Is Biology of Healing With Self-Compassion

Hope Is Bology of Healing With Self-Awareness

Hope Is Biology of Healing With Spiritual Equilibrium

Hope Is Biology of Healing With Peace With One’s Own Self  

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During 198os, I was elected to serve two one-year terms as the president of medical staff of Holy Name Medical center, Teaneck, New Jersey. One day a member of the medical staff asked me if I thought it might be useful to invite a guest speaker to address the full medical staff (about 200 physicians strong) on the subject of medical liability. I saw value in the suggestion and asked one of the staff members to ask around for a suitable speaker and arrange or that lecture.  Day of the presentation arrived and the lecture hall was filled by the time the speak, an eminent attorney arrived. He spoke well and the depth of his knowledge and the value of the lecture was evident within several minute. The subject was evident of deep interest for the doctors in the hall.

I had served as the Chief Pathologist and Director of Laboratories of the hospital for over ten years at that time but had not encountered at litigation challenges by then. So I listened on but did not feel that my own skin was in the game. And then I was startled to hear the following words from the speaker:

“Of course, a doctor’s best defense against medical liability litigation is to never to promise success with his treatment.”

The above might be a sound advice from an attorney, but never from a physician. 

Hope Is Healing. 

Physician true to their patients learn fast that hope heals the sick far more tha their remedies or drugs. Technology is useful for removing bloackages to healing. For example, opening an abscess with a scalpel and draining pus removes blockages caused by accumulaated pus, butsurgical scalpels do not real. Hope powerfully potentiates hmechanims of healing. I will go so far as not to challenge any senior physicians if he were to say that no healing is possible without healing.


What Is Hope?

Hope Is An Image of Spiritual Equilibrium

Hope Is Self-Compassion

Hope Is Awareness of One’s possibilities.

Hope  is the Future of One’s Being.

Hope Is Consciousness of One’s Humanness.

Hope Is Compassion for Others.

Hope  is the Future of One’s Being.

Hope Is An Image of Spiritual Equilibrium of What Is Benealth One’s Skin With What Surrounds It. 

Let’s Hope In Practitioner’s Parlance 

When a practitioners says to a patient, “Let’s hope.”

Are these words being used for the patient’s being?

Or for the practitioner’s being?

Hope Is Not a Prescription of Protection From Betrayal? 

Hope Is Not Conviction of Deliverance From Fear?


Advantages of Hopelessness 

My mind often drifts to a different question in conversations about hope, health, and healing. I wonder about what possible advantages of hopelessness might be. If on reflection, one were to fail in establishing any advantages of hopelessness, would that bring some clarity of concivtion.

One’s Hope Is One’s Image, One’s Own State, One’s own Being,

A Reflection of One’s True Inner Self.

If This Is Accepted As the True Nature of Hope,

Then Hope Is never False, Never Fake, Never Fraudulent.

Whose Hope for Whom? 

What might we think about hope for a patient with cancer that recurred after Surgery which the patient had been told that all cncer had been removed?

Or hope  for a patient whose cancer reappeared after hearing claims that chemotherapy had eradicated all cancer?

In my experience, such problems arose because both the practitioner and the patient failed to see real dimensions of hope and healing. When that happens, then some ugly questions do rise:

Who sold hope? And For What Purpose?

Who bought hope? And at what level of awareness of the spiritual dirnsions of hope.  

When is life being prolonged?

When is the process of dying being prolonged? 

The above are questions of betrayal, not of hope.

The above questions Are Not Questions of Disadvantages of Hopelessness?

If On Deep Learning, One Finds That Hopelessness Really Has No Advantages, Doesn’t It Also Bring Some Clarity of Conviction?


What Is Hope?

Hope Is An Image of One’s Own Spiritual Equilibrium

Hope Is a State of Being.

Hope is an image of Being.

Hope  is the Future of Being.

Hope Is An Image of One’s Own Spiritual Equilibrium

When a practitioners says to a patient, “Let’s hope.”

Are these words being used for the patient’s being?

Or for the practitioner’s being.


What Is One’s Being?

It is one’s own space which no one can invade.

It is one’s own sensitivity which no one can violate.

It is one’s own self-compassion which no one rob.

It is one’s own core which no one can disrupt.

Practitioners, teachers,  bosses and rulers do not make beings of anyone.

One’s being can only arise from one’s own inner self.


What Is False Hope?

It is hope without spiritual equilibrium. It is surrender to someone else’s images and beliefs. Hope is never false when it is sustained  by one’s own images being. 


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Hope Is Equilibrium Between What Is Beneath One’s Skin and What’s Is Outside it.

Absence of hope, to me, Is Mere Confusion Between Self and Non-Self.


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