Quantum Clarity for Love of Learning About Health and Healing

Majid Ali, M.D.

140 West End, Suite 1 C,

New York, New York 10023





I coined the term quantum clarity for a love of clarity in learning.

For myself, I realize I could learning about “body bioenergetics” from articles from a trade journal heavily which heavily focuses on promoting products.

A: a science article in the journal Nature (which I read regularly and active participate in the discussion section of the Journal),


B: I could learn from commentaries and science articles published by the journal Nature about:

oxygen bioenergetics,

Insulin bioennergetics,

or Gut bioenenrgetics


In my view, no serious learning about health and healing is possible with an ernest attemot to under the above three primary bioenergtics  of the human body.


Read more about Quantum clarity in my article about it linked below:








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