Knowing Health and Healing — With A Quantum Clarity

Majid Ali, M.D.



According to a  central principle of Quantum Mechanics,  the energy of a physical system is quantized — energy  can be increased or decreased only in discrete steps. For example, sound and vibrations are quantized in discrete packets called phonons.

What I mean by knowing GIO Health and Healing with quantum clarity here is the central concept here of discrete packets —- 

Learning and knowing health and healing in discrete packets of knowledge, Focusing on Solution, not merely the names of problems (of disease).


 I coined the term quantum clarity for a love of clarity in learning. For myself, I realize I could learning about “body bioenergetics” from:

A. a science article in the journal Nature (which I read regularly and active participate in the discussion section of the Journal)  , or

B: an ad from a trade journal heavily focusing on promoting products.



With quantum clarity of Authentic knowledge of GIO Health and Healing (knowledge of oxygen, insulin, and gut, we sharply focus on fake medical knowledge  and advice of those who find no profits in health,

only in the names of diseases and drugs.


To borrow more from quantum lingo, “the joint system can be operated in a parameter range as the dispersive regime, in which the mere presence of a a single phonon shifts the energy required to change the state of the qubit by a discrete amount.  This energy shift is measurable because it is much larger than the uncertainty in the energy difference between the two states (of authentic knoweldge  and unclear confusing pieces of fake knowledge.

Growing knowldge and knowing of oxygen, insulin, and gut bioenergetics with quantum clarity of packets of leaning and knowing.

Without falling victims of fake and confusing notions of knowledge with which profiteers profit from disease, not from health.

In GIO Learning, we adopt the quantum principle of increases and decreases in knowledge  in Precise steps, always wary of ideas of diseases and drugs of profiteers in medical matters. 



What Is GIO Health?

GIO Health Is Energetic Equilibrium of the Whole Being Assured By Equilibrium Between the following Three primary Body energetics:

  1.  G Body Energetics of Gut Signaling

  2.  I  Body Energetics of Insulin                                                            Signaling

  3. O Body Energetics of Oxygen                                                            Signaling

  4. Body Energetics of Gut Signaling

All three Body Energetics Are Supported moment-By-Moment by our higher presence.

So, Most appropriately, the Punjabi word GIO (meaning Live Long Purposefully) begins with the name of God.


GIO Health

Knowing With Quantum Clarity

This Monkey Thrives on Recycling Misery.

When That Is Not Enough, It Precycles Feared Future Misery

The Simplest and Most Effective Answer to the Cortical Monkey Is Just Being


Seven Revealing Case Studies (All sick for years with Changing Diagnostic Tests, Disease Names, and Drugs, and None Treated With Integrative Therapies to restore:

* Mangled Gut Signaling

* Accentuated Insulin Signaling,           

* Attenuated Oxygen Signaling



1. A Two-Year Old Boy Diagnosed With Autism

2. His 57-Yr-Old Grandmaother Diagnosed With Dementia

3. A Teenage Girl Diagnosed With Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

4. A Young Man Tormented By Recurrent Prostatitis

5. A 37-Yr-Old Woman Tormented By

Recurrent Interstitial Cystitis

6.  A 42-Yr-Old Man Living Life Truncated By Fibromyalgia

7. A 62-Yr-Old Grandmother Diagnosed With Dementia


Living Above Mere Names of Diseases

Gio Health  Is Health With Self-Learning to Self Empowerment to Self-Healing


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    Majid Ali, M.D., Deep Healing Course, Seminar Five: Healing Disappointments

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    Majid Ali, M.D. – Deep Healing – What Is It? Part Two


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