Ten Lessons For the Anxiety, Fears, and Depression

Majid Ali, M.D. 140 West End Ave

New York NY 10023


(Taken From What Do Liojns Know About Stress?

By Majid Ali

Available at 201-996-0027

My patients with fears, anxiety, and depression have given me valuable insights into the nature of their suffering. My work with integrative medicine has given me a perspective on the cultural, philosophic, bioenergetics, prevention, and treatment aspects of these disorders. In this article, I present ten lessons taught to me on the subject by my patients. I offer my suggestions for natural measures that sufferers can consider in companion articles of the series.


Lesson One




and therapeutic aspects of treatment medical   opportunity to test the benefits of integration of some cultural and philosophic some In Cortical Monkey and Healing (1990), I offered my personal clinical observations made during the first three years of my work in clinical integrative medicine. In 1974, I received my appointment as the chief of pathology and laboratories at Holy Name Medical Center, Teaneck, New Jersey. Soon after beginning this life in the world of chemistry and pathology of disease, a simple question arrived: What might be the boundary between the state of health and a state of disease? Looking back, this is an odd question to cross the mind of a young pathologist in his early thirties. I recognized that this question could only be considered in the world of the physics of health.

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