Brain Rejuvenation With Stem Cell Therapy


Majid Ali, M.D.

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Brain Rejuvenation With Stem Cell Therapy For Memory Loss and Mental Focus Problems

Where Do You Find Ideal Stem Cells for Yourself?

The Ideal Brain Stem Cells for your memory loss and Brain Rejuvenation are not in Germany, China, France, or Mexico. They are with you, moment by moment. 

If you did not know this before. Now you do.

Now it is your choice: You can look for them in Germany, Switzerland, Thailand, England, or in any other Country


You can find them in your own brain


Or you can read this post and find out that you need not travel for ideal stem cells for your memory concern and for brain rejuvenation. 


Great News!

Everyone Has His Own Reserve of Neuronal Progenitor Stem Cells.

Everyone Can Nourish and Strengthen Ones Own Progenitor Brain stem cells so they can repair damaged brain cells and/or replace dead brain cells. 

What Is GIO Health?


GIO Health Is Energetic Equilibrium of the Whole Being Assured By Equilibrium Between the following Three primary Body energetics:

  1.  G Body Energetics of Gut Signaling

  2.   Body Energetics of Insulin                                                            Signaling

  3. O Body Energetics of Oxygen                                                            Signaling

  4. Simple Punjabi Word GIO Begins With The Name of Our creator, God, our higher power —

  5.           (Divine Signaling or us)

  6. Where will you search for Divine signalling?

  7. In which state in the U.S will you search.

  8. In which country in the world will you search?

  9. Here is a humble suggestion.

  10. Rather then struggling frantically to reach your Divine Signalling. You might simply let Divine Siganling reach you.

    An Infant does not frantically search for its mom. Nor might we for God, Our Creator

All three Body Energetics (Gut body energetics, Oxygen Body genetics, and Insulin Body Genetics reach us only if we do not impede them. 

Only if we learn to listen to our higher power,moment-By-Moment.

A Toddler can frantically searc hfo its mother all over or simply let its mother find it. 


So, Most appropriately, the Punjabi word GIO (meaning Live Long Purposefully) begins with the name of God.


GIO Health

Banishing the Cortical Monkey

This Monkey Thrives on Recycling Misery.

When That Is Not Enough, It Precycles Feared Future Misery

The Simplest and Most Effective Answer to the Cortical Monkey Is Just Being


Seven Revealing Case Studies

(All sick for years with Changing Diagnostic Tests, Disease Names, and Drugs, and None Treated With Integrative Therapies to restore:

* Mangled Gut Signaling

* Accentuated Insulin Signaling,

* Attenuated Oxygen Signaling


1. A Two-Year Old Boy Diagnosed With Autism

2. His 57-Yr-Old Grandmaother Diagnosed With Dementia

3. A Teenage Girl Diagnosed With Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

4. A Young Man Tormented By Recurrent Prostatitis

5. A 37-Yr-Old Woman Tormented By

Recurrent Interstitial Cystitis

6.  A 42-Yr-Old Man Living Life Truncated By Fibromyalgia

7. A 62-Yr-Old Grandmother Diagnosed With Dementia


Living Above Mere Names of Diseases

Gio Health  Is Health With Self-Learning to Self Emp

What Is GIO Health?

Simply Being Healthy

Living Beyond  Disease Names

With Self-learning, Self-Empowering, and Self-healing

owerment to Self-Healing


Link to Deep Healing Seminars


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    Majid Ali, M.D. – Deep Healing – What Is It? Part Two


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