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Majid Ali, M.D.



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Three Crucial Questions to Ask Your Doctor

  1. How Do I Know If I Am on the Insulin-Toxicity Path to Dialysis?

  2. How Do I Know If I Am on the Creatinine Path to Dialysis?

  3. How Do I Know If I Am on the Protein-Leakage Pat to Dialysis?

The Answer

To all three above questions is the same: Get the 24-hour Urine Oxygen Functionaity Test  (which reveals Krebs Cycle Dysfunction) and get a doctor well-informed about the subject explain the results to you. 


Specifically, you cannot the need answer from oxygen saturation test with a clip device around your finger. 


Dr. Ali’s Public Service Free- Access Courses

Please Consider Free Access to the Following Courses Offered by Dr. Ali at this Website

  1. Ali’s Insulin Course

  2. Ali’s Oxygen Course

  3. Ali’s Kidney Health Course


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