GIO Health — Simply Being, Beginning With the Name of God

Majid Ali, M.D.

The Core of GIO Way for Health and Healing is This: 

Human Body has three primary energetics:

Health Is Equilibrium Between the Three Great Energetic Systems of the body

  1. Gut Energetics

  2. Insulin Energetics
  3. Oxygen Energetics
  4. Beginning With God’s Name 

All three Body Energetics Are Supported moment-By-Moment by our higher presence.

So, Most appropriately, the Punjabi word GIO (meaning Live Long Purposefully) begins with the name of God. 


GIO Health — Banishing the Cortical Monkey

This Monkey Thrives on Recycling Misery.

When That Is Not Enough, It Precycles Feared Future Misery


For GIO Health,


Try simply being with new light-green leaves contrasting with older dark-green leaves rustling at the top of a tall tree.

Try simply being with a toddler,


Try simply being with a wild flower.

Try simply being with a solitary cloud bypassing a cluster of clouds,



The Soul

A Short Poem by Majid Ali, M.D.

One’s soul is the core of one’s being that knows not fear, nor remorse.

The soul exists beyond guilt and revenge.

The soul is love that knows not the color, creed, or race.

Pathways of the soul are conversations with one’s own core.

The body suffers, the soul does not.

The body withers, the soul does not.

The body ages, the soul does not.


For More of Dr. Ali’s Poetry, please visit












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