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A Free Public Service Course By Majid Ali, M.D.

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GIO Living

Shifting Focus from Sick Body Organs to Healthy Body Energetics for Health and Healing

The GIO Path

GIO Health and Healing

        G     for Healthy Gut Signaling

         I     for Balanced Insulin Signaling

        O    for Oxygen Robust Oxygen                                       Signaling

Health With Joy of Solutions, Not With Preoccupation With Disease Names 





OF  Head Fixation

And of FAST-Insulin, And of Slow Sugar Metabolism



How Does FISS Metabolism Shrink the Brain?

How Does FISS METABOLISM Fattens the Belly?

This Article Is A Part of Dr. Ali’s Free GIO Public Service Health Course




The Answer:



What Is the Central Point of Focusing on Insulin Homeostasis

and FISS Metabolism?

A Doctor Actually Harms a Patient When He Focuses on Sugar and Ignores Insulin.

That Doctor Is Ill-Informed and Very Unfair to the Patient.

GIO Living Is  a Life

of Energy of Living Body  Tissues.

GIO Living Is Not Obsession

With Names of Diseases


How Does FISS Metabolism Shrink the Brain?

How Does It Swell the Belly?

How Do Shrinking Brain and Swelling Liver

Shorten Life?

What Is Fast-Insulin-Slow-Sugar Metabolism?

What Are Its Toxic Effects?


* * * * *


Example of FATTENING, INFLAMING, Diabetizing Blood Insulin and Glucose Profiles

A Fast-Insulin, Slow-Glucose Profile Which Indicates Fattening, Inflaming, and Diabetizing Metabolism


How Is Focus on Insulin, Not on Blood Glucose Testing Misleading and Actually Harmful

Ideal Insulin Peaks in Three-Hour Blood Glucose and Insulin Profiles

Women: Less than 20 uIU

Men:  Less Than 25 mIU

The Fattening, Inflaming, Diabetzing FISS State

Fast-Insulin, Slow-Glucose ProfileResponse to Carbohydrate Challenge

Fast Insulin, Slow Glucose Fattening ProfileProfile Is Masked Fattening Profile  xx. Brisk Insulin Response With A “Flat” Glucose Tolerance Profile*


½ Hr




Insulin uIU/mL






Glucose mg/mL (mmol/L)

72       (3.39)

44       (2.44)

63     (3.49)

58       (3.21)

65     (3.90)

*The Patient, A 47-Yr.Old 5’ 5” Woman Weighing 170 Lbs. Presented With Polyarthralgia, Recurrent Sinusitis, and Fatigue.


GIO Connections

What Is FISS-LEPTON-GIO Connection?

What Is FISS-Resistin-GIO Cennections?

What Is FISS-NFkB -GIO Connection?

Beware of Dangers of Blood Sugar  Tests

Majid Ali, M.D.

140 West End Avenue,   Suite 1-H, New York, NY 10023

212-873-2444 344

344 Prospect Avenue, Suite 3-C, Hackensack, NJ. 07610


Primary Purpose

of Offering Free GIO Path of Health and Healing

I offer the GIO Path (GIO Bioenergetic Plan for Health and Healing) as a FREE public service. It Includes following learning materials personally prepared by myself:

1. Short, medium-length, and extended articles,

2. Shirt video clips,

3. Full-length (45 to 60-minutes long video seminars

4. CDs and DVDs of my Science, Health, and Healing presentations on WBAI radio , New York, and MNN Television, New York

5. Full length books written for general readership

6. Twelve volumes of textbook entitled The Principles and Practice of Integrative Medicine

Origin of the Word GIO 

I adopted the simple word GIO from my mother’s tongue, Punjabi, as a short simple word to sharply focus on the three primary energetic systems of the body (oxygen, insulin, and gut) in the care all our patients with chronic illness.  

The GIO Path

The GIO Path of Health and Healing

        G     for Gut

         I     for Insulin

        O    for Oxygen

GIO Health and Healing Path (the “GIO PATH, also “The GIO Health and Healing Plan”) is especially suitable for individuals looking for scientifically sound information presented in a simple easy to understand health information that:

  1. Clearly and simply defines a path of self-learning-to-self-empowering-to-self-healing for disease prevention and/or disease disease reversal;

  2. Is dedicated to the philosophy and science of holism in all aspects of health and healing;
  3. Is suitable for individuals with or without medical background

  4. Inot encumbered by ideological distortion;

  5. Is not stained by corporate deception; and 

  6. Empowers us to defy “captivity of diagnostic labels used for chronic diseases which do not any insights for grasping the true nature of the problem”; and

  7. Shows a pathway of very high probability of success in preserving health and in healthful aging. 

The GIO Path

GIO Health and Healing Has a Different Language for Different Results

It is a language of:

Much deeper understanding of the roots of chronic diseases;

Much greater clarity about the energetic nature of disease and healing.

Majid Ali, M.D.

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