Gut-Insulin-Oxygen (GIO) Path – Self-Leraning-to-Self-Empowerment-to-Self Healing

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The GIO Path

The GIO Path of Health and Healing

Gut-Insulin-Oxygen (GIO) Path to Health and Healing

Structures Confine and Restrict.

Energies Extend and Enrich.

Enlarged Heart, Swollen Liver, Shrinking brains Are Structural Limitations.

Gut Flora, Insulin, and Oxygen (GIO) are Bioenergetic Functional Entities.

Enlarged Heart, Swollen Liver, Shrinking brains Are Structural Limitations.

Living With One’s Disease Is Confining and Limiting.

Living beyond one’s disease is Liberating and empowering.

Names of Diseases Are Isolating and Weakening.

Gut Flora, Insulin, and oxygen (the GIO trio) Are Connected and connecting.


GIO Path is Self-learning to self-empowering to self-healing.  


Beyond Preoccupation With Structures of Anatomy,

Celebrating Functional Bioenergetics  

Links to Seven Video Seminars on Deep Healing

The above ideas are not merely playing with words. Links for seven 40-to50-minute long video seminars in the author’s Seven-Part Series on Deep Healing are included at the end of this message. Readers are invited to watch these videos without cost.

The GIO Path of Health and Healing is bioenergetic path of preserving health and preventing and/or reversing chronic disease by integrating clinical benefits of optimizing the functionalities of  following three dimensions of the human body:

1. Gut ecology and gut microbiome

2.  Insulin signaling and homeostasishomeostasis

3.  Oxygen signaling (molecular biology of oxygen). 

The GIO Path is grounded in established scientific facts of bioenergetics of oxygen and insulin signaling and the known adverse effects on these two primary bioenergetic systems of disturbances of gut ecology and gut microbiome.


The GIO Path

The GIO Path of Seminal Change in Insights and Actions for Health and Healing 

Celebrating Functional Bioenergetics

Beyond Preoccupation with Names of Diseases structure,

Celebration of Function and Health 


The GIO Path

The GIO Path of Health and Healing

– A Major Leap Forward For Self-Learning-to-Self-Empowering-to-Self Healing

The GIO Path is a radical departure from diverse systems of classifying and treating chronic diseases. Simply stated, the GIO Path is based on the study and clinical application of body bioenergetics in evaluating health, detecting impeded cellular bioenergetic, and restoring the optimal body organs systems mindful of the philosophy and science of holism in health and healing.the heart is visualized as an organ that functions to serve body energetic needs as a supplier of energy responding to varying needs inn health and diosease. Chronic heart diseases, then, is not seen as a matter of an “enlarged heart,” or “blocked coronary arteries,”  or a “failing heart.” The same is true of the lungs, the liver, the brain, and all other body organs. Compromised functionalities involving one of the gut-insulin-oxygen trio (the GIO trio) is the recognized as a problem of all three primary energetic organ systems of the body, all of which need equal attention for long0term results.

The primary clinical benefits of GIO Path in preventing and/or reversing are not drawn from short-term use of spices, herbs, nutrients, minerals, oils, and enzymes. Rather, the clinical benefits are drawn from system-wide repair and renewal of the body bioenergetic systems and restoration of gut ecology and gut microbiome for their long-term health and healing benefits.

The core difference between treating diseases with drugs and healing with GIO path are the following:

First, the former (disease-drug model) largely focuses on short-term symptom suppression with blockade effects of various blocker drugs while the later (GIO Path) seeks restoration of bioenegetic systems of the body for long-term benefits. 

Second, the disease-drug model empowers the doctor while the later empowers the patients.

Third, the disease-drug model makes the patient more dependent on the practitioner while the GIO Path is the way of self-learning to self-empowerment to  self-healing. 

The GIO Path requires the individual: 

1. To study and learn well the philosophy and science of holism in health and healing;

2. To effectively counter corporate deceptions as well as idealogical distortions of ill-informed health activists;

3. To study and learn well the philosophy and science of holism in health and healing;

4. To undertake, for love of learning, a  path of self-learning to self-empowerment to self-healing

5. Through personal observations learn how the sound science of holism in health and healing To as Become their own well-informed personal health advocates;

6. To learn to preserve health, prevent disease, and reverse chronic diseases by becoming their own primary physicians;

7. To remain students of the above subjects and yet serve as other as teachers in the  field.


The GIO Path

G     for Gut

I     for Insulin

O    for Oxygen  

In Considerations of the GIO Path, Why Do I Focus on Oxygen, gut, and insulin in all matters of Diabetes-Insulin Health and Healing?

My Simple Answer: Because in my sixty-one year study, research, teaching, publications, and clinical practice,  I observed the best long-lasting results in all chronic diseases (including cancer) with focus on:

  1. Molecular Biology of oxygen

  2. Gut ecology and gut microbiome

  3. Insulin homeostasis

To introduce readers to my academic background and qualifications to address all matters of health and healing:

  1. I am a surgeon (FRCS, Eng)-turned – pathologist (Columbia University, New York) -turned – nutritionist – turned clinical ecologist – turned integrationist;

  2. I am the solo author of all 12 volumes of The Principles and Practice of medicine  (1989-2009), and 27 other books (see my CV on this site for details).

  3. I published 215 papers (many with my research and clinical collaborators) in eminent medical journals (including Lancet, JAMA, Cancer, Kidney International, Am Heart Journal, Am J Clinical pathology, Archives of Pathology, Israeli Journal of Sciences, Environmental Medicine, and others). See my CV on this site for details).

  4. My CV includes a large number of publications on three subjects of molecular biology of oxygen, gut ecology and gut microbiome, and insulin homeostasis.


Deep Healing Seminar Series


Seminar 1

Deep Healing Dimensions and the Beginning of Healing Journey


Seminar 2 

Deep Healing Fear, Panic, and Anxiety – Control and Prevention



Seminar 3 

My Breath Is My Own – I Breathe It Well


Seminar 4 

Deep Healing of Sleep Disorders


Seminar 5 

Deep Healing Disappointments of Life


Seminar 6

Deep  Healing of Chronic Persistent Illness


Seminar 7

Deep  Healing Depression











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