The GIO Path to Health and Healing

Majid Ali, M.D.

140 West End Avenue, New York, NY 10023



GIO Path

of Health and Healing


  1. Is one’s path of life of health and healing with dignity, knowledge, and deep self-respect.

  2. Is one’s path of health and healing with knowledge and understanding of what one’s health is and what one’s health is not.

  3. Is one’s path of health and healing with courage and confidence to learn, know, and understand the basic philosophy and science of holism in healing.

  4. Is one’s path of health and healing with courage and confidence to learn, know, and understand that acute medical conditions require the services of well-informed experienced doctors and nurses, and medical facilities and technology. By  contrast, when afflicted by chronic medical conditions, one  must learn how to be one’s own physician.

  5. Is one’s path of health and healing with freedom from tyranny of medical diagnostic labels — blindly suffering from diagnosis of one doctor to that of another doctor to that of yet another doctor, and then some more doctors. It is disappointing to recognize how many Americans have multiple doctors — different doctors to control different symptoms with different drugs.  

  6. Is one’s path of health and healing without ignorance of the true meanings of diagnostic labels — who those labels help and who those labels hurt.

  7. Is one’s path of health and healing with confidence that one is not being compelled to play on uneven playing fields of medical corporate America.

N2D2 Medicine

In 1980s, I coined the term N2D2 medicine. I defined this medicine with the following simple equation:

First ND:     Name of Disease 

Second ND: Name of Drug

In N2D2 medicine,

               First the laboratories take their share of money for tests

                                      and scans. 

              Second, the drug companies take their share of money

                                     for drugs.




The GIO Path

G     for Gut

   for Insulin

  for Oxygen  

In Considerations of the GIO Path, Why Do I Focus on Oxygen, gut, and insulin in all matters of Diabetes-Insulin Health and Healing?

My Simple Answer: Because in my sixty-one year study, research, teaching, publications, and clinical practice,  I observed the best long-lasting results in all chronic diseases (including cancer) with focus on:

  1. Molecular Biology of oxygen

  2. Gut ecology and gut microbiome

  3. Insulin homeostasis

To introduce readers to my academic background and qualifications to address all matters of health and healing:

  1. I am a surgeon (FRCS, Eng)-turned – pathologist (Columbia University, New York) -turned – nutritionist – turned clinical ecologist – turned integrationist;
  2. I am the solo author of all 12 volumes of The Principles and Practice of medicine  (1989-2009), and 27 other books (see my CV on this site for details).
  3. I published 215 papers (many with my research and clinical collaborators) in eminent medical journals (including Lancet, JAMA, Cancer, Kidney International, Am Heart Journal, Am J Clinical pathology, Archives of Pathology, Israeli Journal of Sciences, Environmental Medicine, and others). See my CV on this site for details).
  4. My CV includes a large number of publications on three subjects of molecular biology of oxygen, gut ecology and gut microbiome, and insulin homeostasis.

The Science of GIO Path to Philosophy and Science of Health and Healing

I put forth models of health and healing, and various chronic diseases for testing them initially myself,  clinically as well as with laboratory methods, and validating or refuting them with ongoing clinical and scientific observation. I use many criteria for my models, the central criterion being that it must facilitate health and healing. 

In past decades I have published diverse health and healing models, most notably:

  1. Oxygen Model of Aging
  2. Oxygen Model of Inflammation
  3. Oxygen Model of Pain
  4. Oxygen Model of Healing
  5. Oxygen Model of Rapid weight gain
  6. Oxygen Model of Obesity
  7. Oxygen Model of Insulin toxicity
  8. Oxygen Model of Diabetes
  9. Oxygen Model of Coronary Heart Disease
  10. Oxygen Model of Asthma
  11. Oxygen Model of Kidney Failure 
  12. Oxygen Model of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
  13. Oxygen Model of Autism
  14. Oxygen Model of Alzheimer’s Diseases
  15. Oxygen Model of Multiple Sclerosis
  16. Oxygen Model of Osteoporosis 
  17. Oxygen Model of Parkinson’s Disease


All of my oxygen models of disease are rooted in the ALI GIO philosophy and science.  How have these models stood the scrutiny of physicians and scientists who have judged or commented on these models without have personal contact me?  How have these models stood the critical reviews of physicians and scientists among my friends? How have these models stood the critical study by my students at Capital University of Integrative Medicine where I served for over ten years both as a professor of integrative medicine and as president of the institution?

Many individuals have referred to these models online. Some of them were gracious enough to point to me evidence of these models from the work of others which I had not been aware of earlier.

I refer readers in interested in detailed basic science work as well as clinical applications of these models to twelve volume of my book entitled 

The Principles and Practice of Integrative Medicine

(Available at 212-873-2444 and 201-996-0027)


Author’s Choice for Top Source of Ali GIO Information

Deep Healing Seven-Part Series


Seminar 1 

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Seminar 2 

Deep Healing Fear, Panic, and Anxiety – Control and Prevention


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Seminar 4 

Deep Healing of Sleep Disorders


Seminar 5 

Healing Deep Disappointments of Life


Seminar 6 

Deep Healing of Chronic Persistent Illness


Seminar 7 

Deep  Healing Depression





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