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Ali GIO Breakfast

For Health and Healing 

What Makes Ali GIO Breakfast One of the center pieces of ALI GIO Health and Healing Plan?

  1. ALI GIO Plan for Health and Healing is offered as a way of life for self-learning, self-empowerment, and self-healing. 

  2. GIO is a word of my mother’s tongue, Punjabi, for long purposeful life. It creates has a strong spiritual context in common language.

  3. GIO is the author’s abbreviation for sensing and speaking about three primary dimensions of health and healing as follows:


for gut ecology and gut flora (microbiome)


for insulin health and homeostatsis


for oxygen body health energetics and all other functions 


Second, Why Consider Ali GIO Breakfast  

Because Ali GIO Breakfast is:

  • Quick to prepare
  • Lower cost than most other breakfasts
  • Energizing than most other breakfasts
  • Anti-weight gain and anti-obesity
  • Anti-insulin toxicity and anti-diabetes
  • Beneficial for the prevention and reversal of all chronic metabolic, immune-inflammatory, stress-related, degenerative, and neoplastic disorders. 
  • Easy to personalize to suit taste and convenience preferences

Special Notes

  • First, in cases of chronic diseases, it is always prudent to bring to the attention of your practitioners any food plan from anyone or of any type for review in your personal health context. This also should be considered for Ali GIO Breakfast.
  • Second, view videos included here for deeper understanding of what health is, how good health is preserved, and how chronic disease is prevented and/or reversed.  
  • Third, the author highly value your feedback, guidance, and suggestions for enhancing the clinical benefits of Ali GIO Breakfast. Please send them to:

  •  Third, consider videos included here to deepen your understanding of what health is, how good health is preserved, and how chronic disease is prevented and/or reversed.  


Five Things to Remember About Insulin-Wise Eating in Ali GIO Health and Healing 

  1. Sugar in any form increases insulin toxicity
  2. Healthy fats are insulin-friendly.
  3. Healthy proteins are insulin-friendly.
  4. All carbohydrates in excess are insulin unfriendly.
  5. Vegetables are insulin-friendly.

  6. Insulin in excess (insulin toxicity) is fattening and inflaming.


Goals of Ali GIO Breakfast

Ali GIO Breakfast is presented to  serve the following goals:

  1. It should set the stage for an active, vigorous, and healthful day with sustained energy.

  2. It should support the functions of the bowel, liver, hormone organs, brain, and other tissue.

  3. It should sustain the long-term goals of healthful aging and preventing diabetes, degenerative disorders, such as heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, osteoporosis, and others.


Please, Please, Don’t Miss Breakfast 

Many patients tell me they missed their breakfast because they were not hungry. I explain that was so because their metabolic rhythm has been disrupted. Rising at 7 am following a dinner at 8 pm the evening before, of course, means a fasting of 11 hours. Fasting means hypoglycemia and acidosis. Extending that period for another two or three or more hours essentially sets a person up for major hypoglycemic-hyperglycemic shifts that trigger insulin and adrenergic roller coasters. In individuals with neurotransmitter volatility — persons with predisposition for anxiety, sadness, or depression — extension of fasting can trigger any or all of those symptoms. For others without such vulnerability, it is really a matter of time until they also succumb to undue tiredness or mood difficulties caused by glucose-insulin-adrenaline-neurotransmitter shifts.


Ali GIO Breakfast for Two

Ali GIO breakfast is best prepared as a spicy smoothie breakfast. I suggest that this smoothie be taken for three or four days a week, and consider an egg omelette or spicy yogurt  breakfast on the remaining days of the week.

  1. I use a wide-mouthed glass or plastic bottle as a blender. It is easy to wash after use.
  2. I add the following to the bottle (details given below):

                 2.1    Three large heaping tablespoons of a protein powder                                      

                 2.2    One large heaping tablespoon of lecithin

                 2.3    One large heaping tablespoon of ground flaxseed

                 2.4     One teaspoonful of turmeric powder 

                 2.5     One-half teaspoon of cinnamon powder 

                 2.6     One-half teaspoon of one of the following in powder form: ginger 

                           root,  garlic, onions

                 2.7     I then add 20 ounces of water and mix by shaking the bottle

                2.8    I then add 16 ounces of bottled organic vegetable juice (Very

                         Veggie organic vegetable juice is my preferred brand). The bottle

                          should be taken before pouring out the juice.

                 2.9    I drink this spicy smoothie in 4 to 6 -ounce portions. In between, I

                           take my nutritional supplements.

Personalizing Dr. Ali’s Breakfast

All recipes for insulin-smart breakfasts can be personalized for taste or convenience. For example, for insulin-smart spicy smoothie, following are some suggestions:

  1. Add more water
  2. Add a small amount of lemon juice 
  3. Add an ounce or more of seltzer water
  4. Decrease or increase the amount of any spice by instinct
  5. Experiment with other spices, such as cardimum ( usually a pinch or two)
  6. Drinking the Spicy Smoothie in portions of choice ( three ounces, four ounces, less, more)
  7. Drinking Spicy Smoothie at different times of the day. Try four ounces at mid-afternoon and see it affects your energy level, for example 
  8. Try modifying recipes for spicy omelettes and yogurt the same way.

Solutions for the After-Taste Problem

The problem of after-taste with my recommended breakfast is very uncommon. If it does happen, here are some suggestions:

  1. Take a glass of water thirty minutes after the breakfast
  2. Use a sugarless mint lozenge after the breakfast smoothie
  3. Gargle with sesame oil for a minute or two
  4. Try to find the culprit be excluding spices, two at a time.


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Here are some more links to valuable information.

Seed, Feed, and Weed for Bowel Health Part One from Majid Ali on Vimeo.

Seed, Feed, and Weed for Bowel Health Part Two from Majid Ali on Vimeo.




Oxygen Models of Insulin Toxicity and Diabetes Type 2

I proposed my Oxygen Models of Insulin Toxicity and Diabetes as unifying models that recognize disturbances of oxygen functions as the fundamental commonality of all elements that cause dysfunctional insulin signaling, hyperinsulinism (excess insulin), insulin resistance (inability of the insulin receptor to respond to insulin), and the biochemical and clinical consequences of insulin dysfunction.

Models in Science Are Proposed to: 

  1. Offer workable simplicity to reduce complexities of natural phenomena;
  2. Explain such phenomena;
  3. Predict natural phenomena hitherto unrecognized.


Models in medicine are tested, validated, or refuted with ongoing scientific observation. In clinical medicine, I add a fourth criterion for a model’s validity: it must facilitate health and healing. 
How does my Oxygen Model of Insulin Toxicity stand up to these criteria? I leave that to the readers’ faculty of considering the evidence which I present in a large series of my articles on http/ and in my insulin channels on my YouTube Science, Health, and Healing Encyclopedia.

Seed, Feed, and Weed for Bowel Health Part One from Majid Ali on Vimeo.

Seed, Feed, and Weed for Bowel Health Part Two from Majid Ali on Vimeo.

Seed, Feed, and Weed for Bowel Health Part Three  – Microbiome and Doctors from Majid Ali on Vimeo.

Seed, Feed, and Weed for Bowel Health Part One from Majid Ali on Vimeo.

Seed, Feed, and Weed for Bowel Health Part Two from Majid Ali on Vimeo.

Seed, Feed, and Weed for Bowel Health Part Three  – Microbiome and Doctors from Majid Ali on Vimeo.

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