Ali GIO Healing – Part Ten — Topical Castor Oil Therapies

Majid Ali, M.D.

140- West End Avenue, New York, NY 10023


344 Prospect Avenue, 1-C, Hackensack, NJ 07601



Brief Bio of Course Director Majid Ali, M.D.


*      Solo Author, The Principles and Practice of Integrative Medicine                       (in 12 Volumes)

*      Certified in Surgery (FRCS, Eng. 1968)

*      Diplomate, American Board of Certified Surgical Pathology (1974)

*      Diplomate, American Board of Certified Surgical Pathology (1974)

*      Associate Professor of Pathology (Adj.) Columbia University, New                     York.1982-1996

*      Chief Pathologist and Director of Laboratories, Holy Name Medical                Center, Teaneck, N.J. 07666

*       Professor of Integrative Medicine, Capital University of                                       Integrative Medicine, Washington, D.C.

*      Solo author of 41 books and Over 225 Articles on Surgical                                  Pathology, Clinical Pathology, Allergy and Immunology,                                Nutritional Medicine, Environmental Medicine, and Integrative                Medicine

*      Author, Science, Health, and Healing Library of Videos, and                              Articles

*       Host, Science, Health, and Healing, WBAI Radio and Time-Warner                  MNN TV, both in New York


What Is GIO Healing?

The writer coined the term GIO Healing for a way of healing which integrates the philosophy and science of holism in healing with focus on observable, measurable, and quantifiable body energetics of health and healing. Specifically, quantifiable studies of body energetics in GIO Healing refers to precise and accurate measurements of functionalities of molecular biology of oxygen, insulin homeostasis, and gut ecology and gut microbiome (flora of the mouth, stomach, small intestine, colon, and genital and urinary systems. yall pa systems of the body iwith able and quantifiable body energy energetic defined by scientific methods, i.e., using accurate and precise laboratory tests performed at the time of initial clinical evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment. The laboratory tests are repeated at suitable intervals for objective and precise measurements of the results obtained with the specific treatment regimen.

GIO Healing is directed to the health/dis-ease/disease continuum with a sharp focus on the following  three fields of body energetics:

      1. Gut ecology and gut microbiome Dynamics

      2. Insulin homeostasis, and

      3. Molecular biology of oxygen


Punjabi Word GIO

GIO,  a word of my mother’s tongue, Punjabi, stands for an extended purposeful life of spiritual awareness and compassion. More often than mothers, GIO is used for grandmothers. My mom passed on in my early early boyhood and so I do not recall her using this word for me. I do clearly recall my grandmother using GIO frequently when wishing me good health and a long purposeful life. Similarly, fathers in Punjab province of Pakistan do not use the word as frequently as grandfathers do. As I write this, I wonder if such a distinction related to the gender exists in any other language. Or, whether it might represent some dimension of linguistic “trans-generationness.” 

In the present context of teaching a course on the philosophy and science of holism in health and healing, I introduce GIO in English language for ease of expression and specifically for providing a short pneumonic for the following:

  • G for Gut

  • I for Insulin

  • O for Oxygen.

It has not escaped my notice that GIO is a small word that is easy on the tongue and most people like the idea of familiarity with some words of foreign languages. Most importantly. GIO stood out in my search for a word that would succinctly bring together the three subjects of central importance for me in this course: (1) Gut ecology and gut microbiome; (2) insulin homeostasis and insulin siganaling; and (3) molecular biology of oxygen.


Seven Parts of GIO Healing Course

  1.  GIO Healing Course – Part One            Course                                      Introduction. Science and Philosophy                              of Holism in GIO Healing       

  2.  GIO Healing Course – Part Two             Top Seven for                        Integrity of Gut Ecology and Microbiome 

  3.  GIO Healing Course – Part Three          Top Seven for                       Integrity of Insulin Signaling 

  4.   GIO Healing Course – Part Four             Top Seven for                       Integrity of Oxygen Signaling 

  5.   GIO Healing Course –  Part Five            GIO for                                   Immune-Inflammatory Disorders

  6.   GIO Healing Course –  Part Six               GIO for                                   Obesity, Diabetes, and Cancer

  7. GIO Healing Course – Part Seven             GIO for Brain                        and Cardiovascular System


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