ALi GIO Healing Course – Part Eleven – Advances In Methods of Disease Diagnoses

Majid Ali, M.D.

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Advancing Methods of Medical Diagnosis

— From pranks of Celestine Spirits to Misdeeds of Terrestial Spirits to Winds of swamps

Recognized pathways to diagnoses involved notions of men of faith and spirits of skies to whims of self-proclaimed healers of all ilks to self-cherishing ‘practitioners of specific treatment models (plan barks, roots, and leaves to herbalists to practitioners of diverse therapeutic traditions. Then ridimentary efforts at chemical diagnoses. Development of microscopes opened a universe of microbial life causing diseases, followed by the introduction of diagnoses based on microscopy, chemical reactions, to culture of suspected microbial species to immunodiagnstics to genetic diagnosis to what may be rightfully designated as products of clinical group-thinking without serious efforts to understand underlying mechanims of disease etiology. 

Diligent of Exclusion Of the Patient From the Diagnostic Processes 

Was there anything in common among all practitioners in the fields of medical diagnosis?

Yes, there was. A systematic and well-enforced system of excluding the patient from participating in diagnosis-making thinking, methods, and procedures. This was done primarily to establish practitioner exclusiveness.

GIO Healing

I coined the expression “GIO healing” to introduce what I consider to be a seminal advance in the history of medical diagnostics, which started with the notions of maladies of practitioners of  spirits who doubled as men of  medicine. They seemed to diagnose maladies by the powers of spirits which they claimed communicated with them. As late as sixteenth century by European practitioners diagnosed malaria as the misdeed of evil spirits of swamps. The field of medical diagnosis progressed from attributing diseases to the will of mythological deities of  make  diseases  — from the priminisignificantly for a day-to-day simple practical state of spiritual-molecular-bioenergetic philosophy of life, health, and healing. The words of GIO is simple, apt, and richly meaningful for  merging together everything of enduring value which I learned in 61-years of medical studies in diverse specialities. I see in just three letters of the word an enormous leap in reshaping the science and philosophy of holism in health healing in the evolutionary paths of human consciousness. These are strident words. Yet I am confident I will not let down readers who consider the deeper meanings of GIO healing in diverse and broader contexts of health, disease, healing, and death.

Suspending disbelief during the reading of this brief treatise on GIO healing, readers primarily interested in personal health and healthful aging will find a most desirable escape from suffocating clutter of diagnostic controversies, conflicts, inconsistencies, outright corporate deceptions, and idealogical distortions of well-meaning but ill-informed ‘activists’ in medicine. Biology does not recognize ideology. This is simple to recognize but not always easy to abide in a trillion-dollar disease maintenance system that thrives on incarcerating the unwell and the sick in its ever-expanding labrynth of diagnostic tapesteries. Informed about elegant simplicities of molecular biology of oxygen, optimal insulin homeostasis, and the havoc wreaked by gut over-fermentation, readers will be impressed by the clinical benefits of effective natural remedies for Gio healing that are either free or low-cost. So I invite readers to suspending disbelief, consider this narrative of journey through fields of general surgery, orthopedic surgery, surgical pathology, clinical pathology, immunology, environmental medicine, clinical nutrition, bio-oxidative therapeutics, and self-regulation. uchelation environmal  read  during this reading, the readers will recognize enormous practical benefits 

My truest teachers in my “GIO journey”have been my patients, my companions on hospital autopsy tables, my microscopes, my laboratory analyzers, my curiosity, my imagination (a treasured gift rom my mother) and a very precious gift of listening to my inner voices from my father. My mom passed on when I was a little boy and my only image of her is her face surrounded by flowers in her death bed. Whatever I know of her derives from her precious gift to me of imagination.

GIO is a word in my mother tongue, Punjabi. She probably did speak the word GIO to me, perhaps several times, but I do not recall any words she would or might have spoken to me. All I now know directly about her is the most beautiful face in the only photograph of her which I ever saw and now have a copy of.

The word GIO was spoke to me frequently by my mom’s mom. She did that commonly for all my siblings. As I write this, I realize that GIO is word mostly used by grandmothers, not mothers, I heard and continue to hear the word commonly from grandfathers, sledom, if ever, from the lips of fathers. Interesting, how simple things like this rise rise in one’s consciousness when one is plumbing it, but not in days fleeting past our consciousness. But, might there be any consideration of significance here? Might it lay bare for us some  dimension of human “trans-generation-ness” here? Or more germane, might it reflect a deeper human need for things spiritual for being authentic humans as we age. Might it be inviting us to take peep through George Bernard Shah’s window of “Youth is wasted on the young”?

In this brief presentation, for ease of expression, The word GIO is introduced as a short pneumonic for the following:

  • G for Gut

  • I for Insulin

  • O for Oxygen.

Three Primary Mechanisms of Cellular Injury

Three Primary Mechanisms of Cellular Healing

I recognize the following three primary mechanisms of cellular injury:

  1. Gut Overfermentation

  2. Insulin Toxicity of Hyperinsulinism

  3. Dysfunction Oxygen Signaling (Dysoxygenosis

I recognize the following three primary mechanisms of cellular healing:

  1. Healthy gut flora (gut microbiome

  2. Normalized insulin signaling (reversing hyperinsulinims

  3. Restored oxygen signalling

GIO Healing

is the sharp focus on the three primary cellular healing mechanisms by effectively addressing the three primary mechanisms of cellular injury. 

It is really that simple matter of clear thinking. 

No-Cost GIO Courses for Weight Loss, Diabetes Reversal, and Healthful Aging


For readers of all background, the writer, a surgeon-turned-pathologist-turned-immunologist-turned-nutritionist-turned-turned-environmentalist-turned-integrationist-turned-medical writer offers the following free-access trio of GIO courses comprising videos and articles:

  • Ali’s Course on Gut Health

  • Ali’s Course on Insulin Health

  • Ali’s Course on Oxygen Health

I support my readers with special love of learning who desire deep learning, with his following books:

  • Ali’s The Principles and Practice of Integrative Medicine (12 volumes)
  • Ali’s Plan for Reversing Diabetes
  • Ali’s Insulin-Diabetes Library of Video Seminars and over seventy articles published in diverse journals and on-line, including communications in the Discussion Section of website the prestigious British journal Nature. (


  • * G for Gut
  • *  I for Insulin

* O for Oxygen.


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