Ali GIO Diabetes-Insulin Course – A No-Cost Public Service In Health Education

Course Director: Majid Ali, MD, FRCS,Eng)

A Surgeon-Turned-Pathologist-Turned, Immunologist-Turned-Nutritionst-Turned-Clinical Ecologist-Turned-Integrationist

Author, Dr. Ali’s Diabetes Reversal Plan

Solo Author, The Principles and Practice of Integrative Medicine

(in 12 volumes)

Solo Author, Dr. Ali’s Plan for Reversing Diabetes

Fellow of Royal College of Surgeons of England

Diplomate, American Board of Surgical Pathology

Diplomate, American Board of Clinical Pathology

Diplomate, American Board of Environmental Medicine

Diplomate, American Board of Chelation Therapy

140 West End Avenue, New York, NY 10023


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Ali Diabetes-Insulin Course

for Weight Loss, Diabetes Prevention, and Diabetes Reversal

Ali Diabetes-Insulin Course Is Fully Supported by Dr. Ali’s Large No-Cost Web Library of Published Articles, Video Seminars, and Short Video Segments. Detailed Course Information Is Available at the Above Addresses and Phone Numbers, As Well As the E-mail: 


The InsulinToxicity-Diabetes Pandemic?

How Large Is the Global Problem?


  • In 2013, a national Chinese survey reported a prediabetes-diabetes prevalence rate of 50.1% among all Chinese adults. (Xu et al. JAMA. 2013; 310:948-59).


  • In 2017, the author and his colleagues reported an insulin toxicity rate of 75.1% in adults in general New York metropolitan areas. Ali et al. Nature. 2017;542:191

Seven Study Sections

of the Insulin-Diabetes Course

Section One – Course Outline

            Part One: Diabetes Is An Insulin Problem, It Is Not a Sugar                                               Problem 

            Part Two: Insulin Toxicity Predates Diabetes By Five, Ten, or                                        More Years, and Damages the Liver, Kidneys, Heart,                                      Brain, and other Organs Undetected Unless                                                        Appropriate Insulin Tests Are Done 

            Part Three: Society Has Choice: Keep Blood Insulin Levels Low                                         and Live Longer Healthier lives


                              Allow Blood Insulin Levels to become Elevated and                                        Liver Shorter, Unhealthy lives. 

            Part Four: Commonly Used Terms of the Metabolic Syndrome                                        and Prediabetes Are Imprecise and Are Best Avoided.

            Part Five: It Is Essential that clinical Focus Be Shifted From                                            Glycemic Status to Insulin Homeostasis for Stemming                                    Global Tides of Hyperinsulinism and Diabetes, Type 2                                    (The Journal Nature. 2017; 542:191).

            Part Six:  Insulin Homeostasis of An Individual Cannot Be                                               Assessed and Insulin Toxicity Detected Without                                                Laboratory Tests for Directly Measuring blood Insulin                                  Concentrations.

            Part Seven: Who Profits when diabetes Is Prevented and /Or                                       Reversed With Natural Remedies? Who Profits When                                     diabetes Is Treated Only With Drugs?

Section Two – The GIO Clarity

           Part One:  What Is GIO Clarity? (Acute illness Is the province of                                      the medical systems (doctors, hospitals, technology).                                      Reversing chronic illness is the individual                                                          responsibility. Chemical drugs do not heal. They save                                    lives only in acute illness.  

           Part Two:   What Is Hyperinsulinism? What Is Insulin Toxicity?

           Part Three: What Is the Metabolic Syndrome?

           Part Four:  What Are Seven Faces of Insulin Toxicity

           Part Five:   Insulin Toxicity to Fatty Disease of the Liver

          Part Six:      Insulin Toxicity to Dialysis

          Part Seven: Insulin Toxicity to Dement

Section Three —   Insulin Is the Life Span Hormone

Section Four  —    Dr. Ali’s Insulin Diet for Weight Loss and Diabetes                                            Reversal Reversal

Section Five  —-    Effective Protocols of Nutrients, Spices and Herbs for                                    Weight Loss and Diabetes Reversal  

Section Six   —     Insulin Detox (includes Bowel, Liver, and Brain Detox

Section Seven — Meal Recipes for Ali Diabetes-Insulin Plan for Weight                                     Loss and Prevention and/or Reversal of Diabetes                                             Detox  (includes Bowel-Liver-BrainDetoxification

Core Tragedy of Diabetes Is This: 

What is Good for People Is Not Good for the Corporate World.

  • People live long healthy lives when insulin functions are well preserved.

  • The corporate world profits richly when insulin functions are disturbed.

  • Specifically, health is preserved when small amounts of insulin keep blood sugar level and most other bodily functions in physiological range.

  • Health fails when insulin receptor protein in cell membranes is clogged, clogging other parts of cells.

One can keep insulin low and live long life.

Or, allow insulin to rise and live short life.

Nearly All Dangerous Complications of Diabetes Are Actually caused by Insulin Toxicity.


Optimal Insulin Homeostasis Profile

All Insulin and Glucose Profiles Prepared With 100 grams of Glucose load

 Table 1. Insulin and Glucose Profiles Of A 51-Yr-Old 5’ 1” Female Weighing 160 Lbs. Indicating Optimal Insulin Homeostasis.  The Patient Presented With Chronic Constipation. 
Blood Levels


1-Hr 2-Hr


Insulin uIU/mL





Glucose mg/mL


61 72


Note a modest initial rise in blood insulin level (value of less than 2 microunits to 17 was able to keep the blood sugar levels in physiological levels.

Incremental Insulin Toxicity (Hyperinsulinism) Profiles 

(Tables 2 and 3 Display Rising Blood Insulin Levels Indicating Increasing Degrees of Insulin Toxicity (Hyperinsulinism).

Table 4 Shows Insulin Depletion and Advanced s\Stage of Diabetes. Pancreatic Exhaustion With Insulin Wipe-out (4)


 Table  2.  Insulin and Glucose Profiles of a 67-Yr-Old 5’3” Woman Weighing 215 Lbs.Presenting With Polymyalgia, Osteoarthritis of Right Knee, Allergy, Sinusitis, And Chronic Fatigue.

6.15.2017 Fasting ½ Hr 1-Hr 2-hr 3-Hr
Insulin uIU/mL






Glucose mg/ mL 105 173 144 93 56

Table     Insulin and Glucose Profiles of a 50 Year Old 5’ 2” Woman Weighing 141 Lbs. lBs. Presented With Mold Allergy, Sinusitis, Headache, and a History of Multiple Antibiotic Courses.

Insulin uIU/mL






Glucose mg/ mL






Table 4. Insulin and Glucose Profiles of a 55-Yr-Old 5’ 3” Woman Weighing 145 Lbs . With Type 2 Diabetes, Hashimoto’s Disease, Polyarthralgia, and Inhalant Allergy.

Insulin uIU/mL





Glucose mg/ mL







Who Educates People about Optimal Insulin Homeostasis and the Essential Need for Insulin Profile?

Almost No One In Endocrinology, Diabetology, Internal Medicine, and Family Practice at this time.



Because, the medical system profits richly when people are kept in the dark about the correct answers to the following three questions:

1. Is Diabetes Is  A Sugar Problem? (No, diabetes is not a sugar problem,)

2. Is Diabetes An Insulin Problem? (Yes, diabetes is an insulin problem.) 

3. What Is Optimal Insulin Homeostasis? (It is a whole-body equilibrium state in which very small amounts of well-functioning insulin keep all bodily functions in healthy range. Excess insulin (hyperinsulinism) makes all cellular populations in the body insulin-toxic.

The above three crucial question about diabetes have never been officially raised, nor examined, nor researched in the fields of endocrinology, cardiology, internal medicine, or family practice. Nor have three questions held any interest for practitioners, teachers, and researchers in the fields of obesity, dialysis, dementia, and stroke bariatrics. This is likely to surprise many readers. I ask them to simply Google the following simple sentence:  “What Is Insulin Homeostasis?”

Insulin toxicity (hyperinsulinism) Predates Diabetes

Diabetes (the main T2D Hyperinsulinism Predates Diagnosis of Diabetes (T2D) by Five, Ten, or More Years. During these years, insulin toxicity of hyperinsulinism remains undetected and unheeded, and continually injures nearly all cell populations in the body. Most notably, it enlarges liver with fatty deposits (fatty disease of the liver) and shrinks the brain  by  decreasing blood and oxygen supply to the brain.

Blood Insulin Level, Not Blood Sugar Level,

Is the Acceptable Marker of Diabetes for Diagnosis and Monitoring the Treatment of the Disease. 

Who Educates People Optimal Insulin Homeostasis?

What is optimal insulin homeostasis? Most regrettably, this crucial question has been almost totally ignored in endocrinology, diabetology, bariatrics, and internal medicine. On September 11, 2017, a Google search for optimal insulin homeostasis revealed only seven entries which listed the three words in that order; all of them concerned the author’s own texts. Notably missing were websites of the American Diabetes Association, the European Foundation for the Study of Diabetes, Diabetes Ca (Canada),  The American Congress of Obstetricians  and Gynecologists, and the World Health Organization. 

In the context of healthful aging, the author’s view of the evolutionary bioenergetic ideal of human metabolism is:  (1) the lower the blood insulin concentrations following a glucose challenge accompanied by unimpaired glucose tolerance, the greater the efficiency of insulin; (2) the greater the efficiency of insulin, the closer the insulin homeostasis to its ideal; (3) hypoinsulinism by itself is of no clinical consequence since there are no known adverse effects of very low blood insulin concentrations when accompanied by unimpaired glucose tolerance; (4) hyperinsulinism sets the stage of metabolic overdrive in all cellular populations of the body; (5) insulin in excess has hepatic, endothelial, myocardial, neural, ovarian, renal, and other adverse effects; (6) the growth factor roles of insulin intensify and perpetuate inflammatory, autoimmune, and neoplastic processes.

Optimal insulin homeostasis is the insulin profile during the day which shows the lowest blood concentrations of insulin associated with blood sugar levels in the physiological ranges. In most such insulin/blood sugar profiles obtained after a glucose challenge, the blood insulin concentrations representing the optimal insulin homeostasis are in the following ranges:

Fasting Insulin Levels:                                                 2-5  uU/mL

Peak Insulin Levels in Women:                                 Less Than 20 uU/mL

Peak Insulin Levels in Men:                                       Less Than 25 uU/mL

Insulin Level at 3 Hours After Glucose Load:       Less than 5 uU/mL


Insulin tests performed on randomly drawn blood samples are highly inappropriate for clinical interpretation.

List of Sections of the Seminar

Of Diabetes Prevented, Diabetes Reversed Course

Section One   —  Introduction — Four Questions: (1) Who Profits from diabetes prevented, diabetes reversed? (2) Who Profits from diabetes treated?

Section Two — Optimal Insulin Homeostasis. Diabetes Is Not a Sugar Problem

Section Three —Insulin Is the Life Span Hormone

Section Four  —    Dr. Ali’s Insulin Diet for Weight Loss and Diabetes                                            Reversal Reversal

Section Five  —-  Effective Nutrient Protocols for Weight Loss                                                           Reversing Diabetes

Section Six   —  Effective Spices and Herbs for Weight Loss                                                               Reversing Diabetes

Section Seven — Bowel, Liver, and Brain Detox



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