Autism And Alzheimer’s Disease? What Do They Reveal About Each Other?

Majid Ali, M.D.

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What Do Autism and Alzheimer Disease Reveal About Each Other?

At their roots, both autism and Alzheimer diseases are caused by cumulative brain cell injury caused by the trio of oxygen deficit, excess insulin, and gut overfermentation.

What Is the Evidence of the above?

I present extensive evidence of the above in my series of articles on the subjects of Progenitor cell Models of Autism and Progenitor cell Model of Alzheimer Disease entitled. Readers can access these articles free of cost with their search engines, such as Google.   

What Light Might Eggs Shed on Progenitor Stem Cell Models of Autism and Alzheimer’s Disease?

Eggs produce loud roosters and proud peacocks. They can also simply rot. Human progenitor stem cells can also be properly seen as reserve human eggs that can repair injured cells or replace dead and dying cells. Or they can simply rot to cause disease and death.

Birds keep faith with their eggs. They nest knowingly, fully aware of being guardians of their species. They keenly observe what emerges from their eggs and fully assure the conditions under which the eggs must be hatched and the chicks delivered. What might nesting and hatching teach about autism and Alzheimer’s disease? This seemingly frivolous question became quite revealing about the essential commonality of autism and Alzheimer’s disease, the former rooted in events before birth and the latter in those prior to death. Both may be seen as cases of progenitor rotting.

Progenitor stem cells are properly seen as reserve eggs for repair and renewal in all cellular beings, in autism as well as Alzheimer’s disease. They provide repair function for injured cells and replacement cells for the dead and dying cells The provision of progenitor cells as reserve calls for repair and/or renewal of dying or dead cells. The pathogenetic and clinical context in these two increasingly prevalent neurologic diseases only seem different. In reality, at bioenergetics and molecular levels, a deeper reflection brings out the essential sameness of the two. Specifically, in Alzheimer’s disease, the neuronal progenitor cells are rendered dysfunctional in their repair and renewal functions by toxicities of the mito-myco-minro trio. The same holds for autism.

Why bring Alzheimer’s disease into deliberation of autism? For three important reasons: (1) it allows a clearer understanding of the true nature and functionalities of progenitor cells; (2) it amplifies the explanatory power of the PSP autism model; (3) at bioenergetics and molecular levels, the commonalities of autism and Alzheimer’s disease deepen validity of therapeutic implications of PSP autism model (as well as of Alzheimer’s disease; and (4) specifically, it underscores the crucial importance of threats to integrated “oxygen-insulin signaling matrix” (which is seldom duly considered in the care of children on the autism spectrum; (5) In the context of the evidence of the PSP autism model put forth and expounded in this report, no clear lines of demarcation between antenatal and postnatal progenitor cell progression  or other  dimensions of developmental neurobiology are deemed valid. Progenitor cell progression, then, is seen as a continuum of maternal and fetal energetic, molecular, metabolic, and differentiative dynamics57; and (6) Alzheimer’s disease and related forms of dementia are also being encountered in younger individuals with increasing frequency, further weakening the presumed significance of age differential. Indeed, the commonalities of autism and Alzheimer’s disease in the progenitor stem cell perspective are so unmistakable that they enhance understanding of all aspects of both the explanatory powers and therapeutic imperatives of the two neurodegenerative disorders and the mechanisms of action of  successful treatments.

The above are crucial considerations in the philosophy and science of holism in health and healing, and are discussed at length in Nature’s Preoccupation With Complementarity and Contrariety, Volume I41 as well as the 10th, 11th, and 12th volumes  of The Principles and Practice of Integrative Medicine.28-30


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