Problem-to-Solution Shift (the “PS Shift”

Majid Ali, M.D.

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What Is the Problem-to-Solution Shift (the “PS Shift”?

It is replacing preoccupation with debating problems to authentic commitment to healing.

In my view, the central trajedy of medicine in the United States is that nearly all energy and resources are wasted on arguing about the names of diseases, drugs, and individuals who claim to be experts, and little or no energy is left behind for earnestly considering, understanding, and implementing the solutions.

The real answer to this problem is to once for all understand deeply the following three primary root mechanisms of cellular injury and cellular repair with healing.:

  1. Dysfunctional oxygen signaling

  2. Maladapated insulin signaling

  3. Overgrowth of gut fermenting microbial species in the gut and overfermentation

In this and related articles, I present basic understanding of these problems and offer simple suggestions for correcting the problem and restoring health.


Treating Acute Disease,

Reversing Chronic Disease 

Treatment of acute disease is the territory of well-trained and clinically experienced doctors, nurses, and technologists. Reversal of chronic diseases is the province of intelligent individuals who are willing and able to become their integrative doctors.   

Three Paths of the Shift

  1. Dr. Ali’s Top 7 for Oxygen
  2. Dr. Ali’s Top 7 for Insulin
  3. 3. Dr. Ali’s Top 7 for Gut Overfermentation


Dr. Ali’s Free-access Video library of Health and Healing

Please glance at the video and reading materials on the left bar of this web page. Consider the example below of learning materials about gut fermentation:


Top 7 Steps for Oxygen

  1. Practice gratitude, starting with a morning “Gratitude Ritual”
  2. Speak softly and respectfully to everyone all day
  3. Breathe in normally and breathe out slowly for as much of the day as you comfortably can
  4. Overhydration and nutritional supplements in the morning hours (see Dr. Ali’s Breakfast and supplement guidelines for details)
  5. Eat insulin-smart meals and snacks for optimal metabolic health
  6. Keep bowel movements effortless and odorless
  7.  Daily limbic exercise (non-competitive, walking and swimming most desirable)

Oxygen is the primal nutrient without which life is lost within minutes, as in drwoning accidents.



Dr. Ali’s Top 7 for Insulin HealthTM

Three primary pathways for preserving insulin health, preventing insulin toxicity, and diabetes of various types, and Reversing Diabetes Complications: Dr. Ali’s Top 7 for Health and Healing Dr. Ali’s Top 7


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