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Dr. Ali’s Top 7 for Insulin HealthTM

Three primary pathways for preserving insulin health, preventing insulin toxicity, and diabetes of various types, and Reversing Diabetes Complications:

  1. Dr. Ali’s Top 7 for Health and Healing

  2. Dr. Ali’s Top 7 for Oxygen Health  

  3. Dr. Ali’s Top 7 for Gut Fermentative Health

Please use this website’s search box (upper left corner) for access to Dr. Ali’s free courses on oxygen, insulin, and bowel health.


Dr. Ali’s Library of Insulin Videos and full length video seminars.

iabetes videos part 1 | The Ali Academy Communitymajidalimd.me/diabetes-videos-part-1

In this 45-minute video seminar, Professor Majid Ali, M.D. explains why it is essential to do a three-hour insulin profile to distinguish diabetes Type 2 into two subtypes: high-insulinType 2 A and low-insulinType 2 B.

Majid Ali, M.D. – Is Insulin Excess Bad for the Heart? on Vimeovimeo.com/151436418

Yes, insulin Excess (insulin toxicity is bad for the heart. Cholesterol is not bad for the heart but insulin toxicity hurts the heart in many ways. Majid Ali, M.D.

Blood Sugar Tests Are Inappropriate For Assessing Insulin …alihealing.org/2018/01/08/blood-sugar-tests-are-inappropriate-for-assessing-insulin-homeostasis

May 5, 2014 – Professor Majid Ali shares information about Diabetes Reversal With InsulinProfilingFor more information on the subject , please consider Prof.Ali`s Video… Dr. Ali’s Breakfast for Losing Weight, Reversing Diabetes, and Staying …

Reversing Diabetes by Regenerating Pancreas | Majid Ali MDmajidalimd.me/2014/07/18/reversing-diabetes-by-regenerating-pancreas-majid-ali-md

This is a four video course and book – The Butterfly and Life Span Nutrition from Majid Ali, MD. Learn more only $25 This is a seven video course and book – Reversing Diabetes from Majid Ali, MD.

YouTube Encyclopedia – Insulin Institutehttp://www.insulininstitute.org/youtube_encyclopedia.htm

Insulin Thinking Videos on YouTube Encyclopedia. Majid Ali, M.D. List of Videos on InsulinThinking at Dr. Ali’s Science, health, and Healing Encyclopedia appears after links to selected articles on this web site.

Insulin-toxicity – Majid Alihttp://www.aliacademy.org/fatty-liver-2.htm

In this 40-minute video seminar, Professor Majid Ali, M.D. presents the causes, signs and symptoms, clinical course, and consequences of fatty change of the liver. In simple words, a fatty liver is a “greased liver,” loaded with toxic fats which poison its cells and unless controlled, kill them.

Diabetes Reversal With Insulin Profiling : Dr Majid Ali …archive.org/details/DiabetesReversalWithInsulinProfiling

Professor Majid Ali shares information about Diabetes Reversal With Insulin ProfilingFor more information on the subject , please consider Prof.Ali`s Video

Dr. Ali’s Diabetes Course | Ali Diabetesalidiabetes.org/category/dr-alis-diabetes-course

Majid Ali, M.D. Insulin is the minister of energy and metabolism to Oxygen King of the human body. So I define insulin homeostasis as body energetics in equilibrium with wholeness.

Ali Academy | Institute of Integrative Medicinealiscience.org

This is a four video course and book – The Butterfly and Life Span Nutrition from Majid Ali, MD. Learn more only $25 This is a seven video course and book – Reversing Diabetes from Majid Ali, MD.

Majid Ali, M.D. * Insulin Toxicity De-mystifies the Metabolic …http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9aYuyHCPZmU

Next to the rate of insulin release after a meal, the amount of insulin released determines how much of sugars and starches in the diet are turned into fat in the cells by insulin.

majid ali – YouTubem.youtube.com/channel/UC5cXnz8DhfYl0ZF0RdUJW6Q

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DR. ALI’s Palak-Tiki Recipehttp://www.drali1.org/palak_tiki.htm

Majid Ali, M.D. “Palak-Tiki” dinner, as prepared below, is an inexpensive, low-calorie, highly nutritious, and delicious dinner choice to be included in Dr. Ali’s Insulin Reduction Diet Plan.

Thinking Insulin One – Insulin Instituteinsulininstitute.org/thinking_insulin_one.htm

Insulin Thinking. Understanding Health, Pre-diabetes, and Diabetes. Majid Ali, M.D. Why think insulin? Because without understanding insulin, one cannot understand health and the beginning of metabolic disease, such as diabetes, heart attacks, strokes, and memory loss.

| Page 3alihealing.org/page/3

Majid Ali, M.D. Insulin Diet PlanTM A Part of Dr. Ali’s Health PlanTM You Should Consider Dr. Ali’s Insulin Diet If … You know health is not merely absence of disease. You do not wish to be preoccupied by names of diseases.

Majid Ali, M.D. – Insulin Detox for Wight Loss and … – Vimeovimeo.com/151438252

In sulin toxicity (hyperinsulinism) is the root cause of unwanted weight gain, obesity, and diabetes Type 2. I outline my plan to clear insulin toxicity with insulin

Insulin-Based Diabetes Reversal Plan | Ali Academyaliscience.org/category/insulin-based-diabetes-reversal-plan

Majid Ali, M.D. Insulin-Reducing Almond Snack Karen’s Recipe The recipe given below is a gift for the readers from Karen, one of my patients. There is a global scourge of grease buildup on cell membranes – in all people, of all ages, in all regions of the body.

Ali Diabetes | Preventing and Reversing Diabetes With Insulin …alidiabetes.org

Ali M, Fayemi AO, Ali O, Dasoju S, Chaudhary D, Hameedi S, Amin J, Ali K, and Svoboda B. Shifting focus from glycemic status to insulin homeostasis for stemming global tides of hyperinsulinism and Type 2 diabetes.

Majid Ali MD – Home | Facebookhttp://www.facebook.com/Majid-Ali-MD-286179658211535

Majid Ali MD. 1,266 likes · 1 talking about this. Majid Ali, MD has compiled a free videolibrary of thousands of videos pertaining to health

A 1c And Insulin Toxicity : Dr Majid Ali : Free Download …archive.org/details/A1cAndInsulinToxicity

Professor Majid Ali shares information about A 1c And Insulin ToxicityFor more information on the subject , please consider Prof.Ali`s Video seminars and…

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