Ozone Therapy

Majid Ali, M.D.

What diseases does ozone cure? None. If that is true, why do I prescribe ozone infusions for some of my patients?

Because it is a valuable oxygen therapy. But saying that zone has clinical benefits is altogether different than saying ozone cures anything. The first statement is fully supported b scientific facts. The second statement is unture and regrettably is made by individuals not well-versed with the science of healing.

I offer this article in  light of a recent experience I had with a woman who has been chronically ill for more than ten years, been disabled for some years, has seen more than ten doctors, and received multiple courses of antibiotics therapy for throat infections, sinusitis, pelvic infections, and chronic Lyme disease. Her previous treatments included a large number of ozone infusions. I listened to her over 15 minutes describing her previous and mostly negative experiences with various specialists. She insisted that only ozone could cure her and that is the only treatment that she wanted. I told her that I had never seen that. She became angry and spoke more about her need to get cured by ozone. I explained again that I had not seen that happen and it would be a mistake to ignore other crucial issues. That seemed to fan her anger.

I spent considerable time explaining to her why I have not seen ozone therapy cure anything let alone a serious illness such as her. I failed in my explanations and that made things worse. Finally, I respectfully suggested that she seek care from other physicians who had a different experience with ozone than me.

Ozone by injection can be a potent oxygen therapy valauble in the treatment of all chronic inflammatory-immune disorders, viral infections, degenerative diseases and cancer. When infused improperly, ozone is harmful. This, of course, is true of all oxygen therapies.

Ozone (O3) can be visualized as three atoms of oxygen dancing together, like three little girls holding each other’s hands in ring-around-the-rosie. Ozone after infusion in the body rapidly turns into hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). Its biologic effects in living systems are essentially those of peroxide.

Dr. Jekyll Mr. Hyde Ozone

Oxygen, the king of human biology, is the ultimate molecular Dr. Jekyll Mr. Hyde. And so are its preeminent lieutenants: hydrogen peroxide, nitric oxide, ozone, and singlet oxygen.

Ozone is a good player. Ozone is a bad player. I read articles published by public health officials warning readers about the dangers of rising levels of ozone in smog. They write about ozone toxicity and consider it as one of the important factors in the rising incidence of lung disorders, including asthma, in polluted cities. That makes ozone bad. Then I hear scientists on TV forecasting doom because there is not enough ozone up in the sky. They show maps of gaping holes in the ozone layer. They teach us that ozone in the sky protects us from cancer-causing ultraviolet rays in sunlight, and that we get skin cancer when holes in the ozone layer fail to block those rays. That makes ozone a good player. Many people do not seem to realize that ozone in pure form and ozone mixed with pollutants behave differently. (Furthermore, the ozone layer in the stratosphere has a different impact on humans than that on a beach.)

Ozone is an oxidant. Ozone is an antioxidant. “Of course, ozone is an oxidant. That’s basic chemistry,” the chemists chime, in supporting drug doctors. “Don’t those quacks who inject ozone into the blood understand something that simple? Doesn’t everyone know we need antioxidants such as vitamin C and E to protect our tissues from oxidative injury? Don’t they know anything about science?” That shows ozone is an oxidant. “Yes, ozone is an oxidant in a test tube,” the ozone therapists refuse to yield. “The point is that ozone works for the chronically ill, whether it is oxidant or antioxidant.” So the proponents of ozone therapy are steadfast in their defense of the empirical value of their chosen therapy.

For several years, I sided with the chemists on the above issue. How could I reject established chemistry? So I stayed clear of ozone and hydrogen peroxide therapies. But then I conducted some other experiments and, to my great surprise, found that ozone and hydrogen peroxide serve as antioxidant therapies in patients with fibromyalgia and CFS, even though both substances are potent oxidants in a test tube.

This phenomenon thus demonstrates another aspect of the amazing dual roles of oxygen.

Please watch these videos below

Oxygen In Acids Out Part Two from Majid Ali on Vimeo.



  • I witnessed IV Ozone being used as an important part of treatment for Aids over 25 years ago. All participants were within 1 to 2 weeks of death when starting the protocol, and decades later, all were not only alive, but well. All would be long dead and buried otherwise. Keep in mind Ozone was not the only treatment, there were other detox, nutrition, IV vitamin therapies, and stress reduction (depending on the practitioner). The point here is that, at the time, Aids diagnosed patients were taking large doses of AZT (if they could afford it), and All on that therapy were dying in almost exactly two years. All participants in this study already had their immune systems devastated, with widespread KS, and had virtually no T-cells before starting these immune supportive therapies.


    • Thank you for this comment which was very interesting to me. My brother was one of those who died of AIDS thirty years ago–the conventional system offered him nothing. No treatment at all. Not even AZT, as there were “no studies” for other forms of AIDS than Kaposi’s using AZT. So he was simply condemned to death by the prevailing mentality that the virus was 100 % fatal, and nothing could be done. Which was the prevailing belief in the medical system, and which had absolutely no scientific basis at all. But it sure killed a lot of people.

      How I wish my brother had found this information. Not knowing that there is something other than what “they”, the oracles of conventional medicine, and mouthpieces for the pharmaceutical industry, tell us, kills. It kills all sorts of people with all sorts of diseases all the time Our society is being bankrupted, sickened, and murdered en-mass by our own ignorance and naiveté, and willingness to believe in the strange religion that the conventional medical industry promotes as being the true “scientific” medicine”.

      This website is about tearing away the veil of our ignorance, and enabling us to help ourselves, and not be victims of an industrial machine which masquerades as medicine.


  • Patricia Pepper

    Dr. Ali,

    Thank you for your excellent discussion on how ozone contributes to achieving oxygen homeostasis, and thus to creating health, and banishing disease. Your point is well taken that we have to change how we think–that these are not simple black and white issues, but require a deeper, more subtle and sophisticated understanding of the whole.

    I would like to contribute what happened in a recent valuable experience with ozone. We have a 17 1/2 year old cat, who after a lifetime of chronic pancreatitis became diabetic after drinking the castor oil I had heated for my Dr. Ali therapy. A site of a sub-cutaneous infusion of fluids became infected and he developed a big hole on his back which would not heal.

    We took him to a number of different vets, tried all the conventional therapies and industrial pharmaceutical products, but the wound would not heal, and slowly over a period of about a year and a half, became more and more necrotic.

    Desperate to keep him from dying of this wound, when he had managed to survive the diabetes and pancreatitis and all the rest, we took him to a professor of surgery who teaches at the nearby vet school, who dashed our hopes that he could be saved. the professor said that the cat could not tolerate surgery to clean the wound of the necrotic tissue as it was by then a very large area of necrosis covering his back, as he would not heal from extensive surgery given his diabetes. The professor advised trying a pharmaceutical product containing enzymes to try to dissolve the dead tissue, but you could tell that the surgeon did not hold out much hope.

    This wound was big, it was black, and the pharmaceutical product containing the enzymes did nothing. There was more necrosis after a few weeks of applying it, if anything.

    However, while we were talking to the surgeon, he had commented that the necrosis is caused by a lack of micro-circulation due to the way the excess glucose in the blood of a diabetic fouls the blood cells, making them sticky and blocking the micro-circulation.

    At about that time, someone made me aware of the sale of ozonated oil on the internet.

    Then the light flashed through my mind, I thought of Dr. Ali’s lectures on oxygen, realized that the main problem of the lack of circulation was a lack of oxygen reaching the tissues, and that Dr. Ali says that oxygen cleans the cellular grease and gunk which builds up in the diabetic body when the oxygen homeostasis is lost. Suddenly I realized that the oxygen from the ozonated oil could work to resolve the necrosis in the wound! So I obtained some 100% ozonated oil via the internet, put it on the wound every day with a gauze dressing to cover it. Slowly–over a period of about three weeks, the wound lost its black, necrotic aspect and began to turn a healthy pink! Finally the ozonated oil became rather irritating and turned the wound red. At that point I stopped using the ozonated oil on the wound, and began applying a gauze dressing over a homeopathic cream a homeopathic vet recommended, which is called Pomata Phytolacca Compositum, made by UNDA corporation in Brussels. ( Contains homeopathic mother tincture of Calendula, Phytolacca, Byonia dioica, Balssamum peruv. Dulcamara, Acidum boric plus excipients.)

    The wound is now completely closed, there is new skin over all of it except there is a small scab still above the point where the wound was deepest!

    The healing of this “impossible” necrotic wound in a diabetic, causes me to wonder just how many diabetic patients go on to have gangrene and limbs amputated who could be helped by ozone and other oxystatic therapies, if only the pharmaceutical industry could figure out some way to own patents on ozone?

    So “Billy” would like to thank Dr. Ali for the fact that he’s still purrin’ along, odometer headed for turnin’ 18.


    Patricia Pepper


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