Breathing – A Testosterone Replacement Therapy

If you have recently gained weight, noticed a belly bulge, and felt a flabbiness of muscles, you are probably running low on testosterone. If you have also noticed a drop in libido, that is even more likely. What should you do? Get a blood testosterone level test done to validate your suspicion. If the test results show a level below 450, you are running low. (Blood testosterone levels are reported in nanogram/100 milliliters). A level of 600 would be good and one of over 750 ng/dL would be excellent.

Breathing – A Testosterone Replacement Therapy

There are many studies contradicting the safety and risk of testosterone replacement therapy. Testosterone in the research can also be considered a Jekyll/Hyde character.

Men are confused, doctors are confused, yet problems of low testosterone can be addressed with oxygena dn breathing.

Oxy-pause is the abbreviation for oxygen pause, my term for a brief pause taken to get some additional oxygen. Oxy-pause is a few minutes of very gentle, very deep breathing.

Breathe In Slowly, Please! from Majid Ali on Vimeo.

Oxy-pauses taken frequently and for brief moments are extremely beneficial for individuals with adrenal weakness caused adrenal hypervigilence due to severe and persistent stress. These pauses go a long way in creating internal conditions for adrenal regeneration.

The idea of writing this short piece was prompted by a review of blood testosterone values during a recent visit with a man in his late thirties. He consulted me for chronic fatigue, myalgia (muscle pain), ADHD, GERD (gastric reflux disorder), and sinusitis. He responded well to our program initially and then relapsed. He had low blood testosterone level at the first visit. This is not uncommon in chronically unwell young men due to decreased production of the hormone in the adrenal glands. The levels rose with treatment and showed rapid and deep falls in spite of testosterone supplementation (oral 10 mg daily and three 100 mg pellets insertions in April 2009, June 2009, and August 2009). Following are his testosterone values (in ng/dL):

November 2008 146
July 2009 425
January 2010 288
August 2010 127

Such rapid and sharp drops in testosterone levels nearly always indicate severe and persistent stress—separation from one’s nature that is deeply disappointing. I learned that he faced ongoing marital strife and engaged in endurance exercise for relief. Such exercise creates a double jeopardy and I have seen this pattern of testosterone drops in several young men. Intense exercise—whatever the benefits of temporary endorphin highs it yields—actually deepened the underlying adrenal deficiency.

I suggested that he take frequent breaks during his vigorous exercise breaks, and take oxy-pauses during the day. More important, he should plan to spend more time with his children but only in ways fully approved by his wife. He asked why it was important that he seek his wife’s approval of his plan to spend more time with his children. I told him not to give me a hard time and just do as I say. He grinned broadly.


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This is two videos and one audio file on testosterone and tips on breathing present by Majid Ali, MD.

How breathing effects health – how to regenerate testosterone cells
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