My cold remedies

Natural Remedies for Common Colds

Majid Ali, M.D.
(Do as many of the following as you can until you see a physician)
It is increasingly common now for people to develop lingering inflammations and infections following common viral infections. We suggest the following preventive steps to control such infections rapidly: This information is offered as guidelines and should not be considered as a substitute for evaluation by a physician.

1. Begin the plan when you think you have a cold/viral infection, not when you know if that is the case
2. Consider Turmeric/Vitamin C/Coconut Oil three times a day. (Please see

Turmeric – How Shall I Take It Majid Ali MD from Majid Ali on Vimeo.

3. Use Dr. Ali’s Ginger/Walnut/sesame oil Protocol twice daily
4. Eat goat yogurt or keifer as probiotic.
5. Take extra fluids as vegetable juice, ginger tea, goat milk, or soy milk

Health Benefits of Vegetable Juice Majid Ali MD from Majid Ali on Vimeo.

6. Do eucalyptus oil rub on the chest, daily for up to five days

7. Do castor oil rub on the abdomen, daily for up to five days

Castor Oil Is Amazing Majid Ali MD from Majid Ali on Vimeo.

How About Ingesting Castor Oil Majid Ali MD from Majid Ali on Vimeo.

8. Do hydrogen peroxide foot soaks or bath (one part 3% peroxide in 50 parts water, may double the amount of peroxide after the first soak ).

Peroxide Foot Soaks from Majid Ali on Vimeo.

9. Do slow Limbic Breathing

Limbic Breathing Part One Majid Ali MD from Majid Ali on Vimeo.

Limbic Breathing Part Two Majid Ali MD from Majid Ali on Vimeo.

10. Absolutely no sugar for seven days (not even fruits or fruit juices)
11. Consider taking magnesium, potassium, and taurine. Not to be taken in kidney disease
12. Take oregano capsules: two caps twice daily (Please see
13. Chicken soup two ounces six times a day. Use extra salt to stay well hydrated ( individuals with history of heart disease or high blood pressure should check with their doctors first about this item).
14. Consult your doctor if not improving in three to four days.

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  • Elderberry Tea–the berries are available through Amazon–is a wonderful remedy. A few sips when you feel a sore throat or other symptoms coming on boosts the immune system. It’s a wonderful preventive measure if you need to be around others who are sick. Taken a few times a day, it will keep colds at bay. You can brew several quarts at a time and leave in glass jars in the refrigerator. Drink a few sips through the day, especially during the worst of cold and flu season. My wife, a former homeopath, discovered this remedy some years ago. We’ve used it for years with great success.
    By the way, I so thoroughly appreciate your website and postings. Wonderful information and support. I read The Ghoraa and Limbic Exercise many years ago and have since read referred often to your other books. Thanks so much for what you do.
    Ed Zorensky
    Conifer, CO


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