Kidney Health Course

Kidney Health Course

Majid Ali, M.D.

One cannot have unhealthy kidneys and expect to have healthy hearts or healthy brains.

For chronic kidney failure, one can have only one kidney healer, I hope I can encourage readers to learn, understand, and know the kidney healeris themselves.

The urinary system includes the kidneys, ureters, urinary bladder, prostate gland, uretheral sphincter, and urethra.


Things that will hurt the Kidney –


Oxygen is the detergent to get rid of the debris




No Healthy Brain Without Healthy Kidneys

One cannot have healthy brain with unhealthy kidneys. One cannot have healthy heart with unhealthy kidneys.

My primary message in my Course on Kidney Health is this: In the vast majority of patients with early and intermediate stages of kidney failure, the kidney function can be restored for a long useful life. Dialysis can be avoided with thoughtful and well-executed integrated protocols that restore blood circulation and oxygen signaling in the kidneys.

Can I get off dialysis?  I have been asked this question many times since 2005 when I published my data showing that chronic kidney failure can be reversed. My answer: There is only one person who can answer this question: You.

In my published article, (Can I Get Off Dialysis?) I reported that none of my patients who saw me with incremental kidney failure (creatinine level below 4 mg/dL) before starting dialysis went on to dialysis under my care, However, I have not been able to reverse kidney failure for patients who were on dialysis for more than a year. There are many reasons for this.

First, dialysis costs $70 thousand to $100 thousand per patient per year. However, no reimbursement is allowed for nondrug natural therapies to reverse kidney failure. So most patients were unable to follow my program fully for more than three months to test this possibility.

Second, I was not able to tell them that I had been able to help some patients indeed get off dialysis. Lacking such knowledge I was not surprised when they could not fully commit to the project.

Third, the disease processes that make dialysis necessary often cause widespread tissue damage in organs other than the kidneys. So the reversal of kidney failure also requires control and/or reversal of other coexisting disorders. For years, I patiently waited for one such patient who was willing and able to explore this option in a meaningful way. Finally, it happened. Below is the case study of the man who made his dream (and mine) come true.

Patterns of Reversing Kidney Failure

Below are profiles of falling blood creatinine levels in patients with kidney failure to support my statement.

Figure1. Profiles of Improved Renal Function as Measured by Falling Serum Creatinine Values Over Several Months of Management of Seven Patients With Chronic Renal Insufficiency Are Displayed.


Normalizing Blood Creatinine Level

Creatinine is a byproduct of muscle metabolism that is cleared by the kidneys. Healthy individuals have blood creatinine test value of 1 mg/dL. Many labs in the U.S. keeping raising the upper limit of their lab reference range to 1.3. In my view this is not justified. It masks the earliest stress and injury to the kidneys.

Rising blood creatinine level is the single best indicator of kidney damage. When one kidney is removed for kidney cancer, the creatinine level does not change. It means that creatinine level can be kept in the normal rage even when one-half of kidney function has been lost.

In my published article, I reported that none of my patients who saw me with incremental kidney failure (creatinine level below 4 mg/dL) before starting dialysis went on to dialysis under my care.

Please view some videos about the kidneys here:

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