A course on simple relief of arthritis pain


What is the safest, low cost, and most effective therapy to relieve arthritis pain? Here is a hint: very few people who suffer from arthritis pain benefit from it. They do not benefit from them because they have not tried them. The answer: Topical oil rubs over and around the involved joints. The benefits of topical oil applications are markedly enhanced when their use is combined with anti-inflammatory spices and herbs, as well as gentle, low intensity, high-frequency stretching of the muscles that protect the joints.

What Is Inflammation?
Inflammation is the process by which the body protects itself against microbes, poisons, and other injurious substances. I emphasize that no healing is possible without inflammation and there is no chronic disease in which excessive inflammation does not play a crucial role in its cause and advancement.

What Is Arthritis?
Arthritis is inflammation of joints—of the inner lining of joints called synovium, to be precise. The loss of cartilage and damage to bones occur as the consequence of inflammation. There are three main types of arthritis:

(1) wear-and-tear (osteoarthritis)

(2) Infectious arthritis (Lyme arthritis, for example)

(3) immune arthritis (such as rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, colitis-associated arthritis).

I introduce the term “Castor-Pres” for a simple, inexpensive, and effective natural approach to control of all forms of chronic pain. It combines topical castor oil and sesame rubs with gentle repetitive pressure on trigger points, either with tapping or simple rotary motions of fingers. In general, I recommend that castor and sesame oils be used separately on a 3 day rotation.

Needless to point out, all natural remedies for pain control require that the presence of tumors, active infections, and other specific lesions should be first ruled out by the individual’s doctors.

Four Essentials of Castor-Pres

-First, with three fingers (ring, middle, and index) gently tap the general area of pain. Your doctor can point to the location of common trigger points associated with your pattern of pain (good atlases available from bookstores and libraries are usually very helpful). However, there is only one person who can identify the precise location of your trigger and acupressure points: you. It will probably take several attempts to be sure and comfortable with your discovery.

-Second, apply a thin smear of castor oil to the area.

-Third, gently tap the trigger/acupressure points, beginning with a period of one minute and increasing or decreasing the duration, following your intuitive sense.

-Fourth, please do not analyze what you did. Your tissues in discomfort and/or pain will guide you.

Please, Keep It Simple

-You can keep the oil on for two hours or for as long as you wish or you can sleep with it.

-We strongly recommend exercise with castor rubs (castor-cise). You can also go for a walk (castor-walk), do laundry (castor-laundry), go shopping (castor-shop), find someone to quarrel with (castor-quarrel), or breathe slowly (castor-breathe).

-You can shower or wipe the oil off with a washcloth when you desire.

-For oil rubbed on sore areas (abdomen, chest, joints, or other tissues), you can gently and repeatedly massage the area.

-In the unlikely case of skin irritation, discontinue castor rubs until discussed with your doctor.

-For pain syndromes, applying heat on the oiled areas improves results.

Castor Oil Rubs for Fibromyalgia Majid Ali MD from Majid Ali on Vimeo.

Anti-inflammatory Spices and Enzymes

-I prescribe liberal amounts of natural anti-inflammatory spices along with Castor-Pres for added benefits. My top choices are turmeric (one-half teaspoon taken with one gram of vitamin C and four ounces of water), ginger, garlic, and cayenne (when tolerated well).

Turmeric – How Shall I Take It Majid Ali MD from Majid Ali on Vimeo.

Cayenne pepper – Why Do I Recommend It Majid Ali MD from Majid Ali on Vimeo.

Best Way to Take Ginger Majid Ali MD from Majid Ali on Vimeo.

Garlic Without Garlic Breath Majid Ali MD from Majid Ali on Vimeo.

-I also use anti-inflammatory enzymes, such as bromlain, for control of pain conditions involving joints and ligaments.

Precious Trio of Enzymes for Health – Catalase, Superoxide Dismutase , & Glutathione  from Majid Ali on Vimeo.

When Should You Take Enzymes Majid Ali MD from Majid Ali on Vimeo.

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