Acidity and the immune system | Majid Ali MD

I must protect my immune system so it will protect me.

How do we stay healthy in a world full of bacteria, viruses, fungi, toxins, and parasites? How do we get better when we do become ill?

This is the job of the immune system. The immune system is very complex. White blood cells that destroy microbes are part of our immune system. The immune system is always at work, but we don’t usually see it.

The immune system stops harmful bacteria and viruses from multiplying in our body and making us sick. If we do get sick, the immune system works overtime to heal us. It may cause a fever to “cook” the microbes.

You can see the immune system at work when there is a cut in your skin, and it heals. The immune system also destroys many of our own cells that are abnormal, such as cancer cells. The immune system can make mistakes. We can get allergies. This is our immune system overreacting to harmless substances. The immune system can attack a person’s own body, too.

How can we help our immune system?

I recommend a six ounce glass of liquid every three hours: This can be clear water, tea, soup, and vegetable juice. These help to clear out toxins that have entered your body. Coffee and soda do not count as helpful liquids. Immune cells love an alkaline environment. They work best when the blood is not too acidic. On the other hand, molds, harmful microbes and cancer cells love acid.

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The food and drink that we take into our bodies create the conditions in our bowels. Many of the bowel contents are absorbed into the blood. In this way, the conditions in the bowel affect our blood.

Which foods create acid conditions in our bowel and blood? Sugar, white bread, meat, and sweet fruits create an acidic environment. Eat less of these.

Eat more foods that create alkaline conditions: vegetables, fish, eggs, chicken, and yogurt.

The thoughts we think also affect our blood condition. Anger, fear, and stress increase the acid conditions.

Oxygen helps the immune system. Get lots of fresh air and exercise. You can also take hydrogen peroxide foot soaks. Here’s how: Pour a cup of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) into the pail. Add three to five quarts of warm water. (Use food grade H2O2 from the drug store). Soak your feet for 20 minutes. While you do that relax and meditate. Or just think about your amazing immune system.

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Be kind to your body and your body will be kind to you.

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