Kidney Flush for the Holidays

Kidney Flush

Persistent, chronic ecological, nutritional, immune and degenerative disorders are frequently accompanied by persistent states of under-hydration.  This seriously impairs the abilities of the kidneys to effectively filter out excess acid, urea and a large variety of toxins from the blood.  At the Institute, we persistently emphasize the absolute need for maintaining a state of slight over-hydration from morning hours until 6 pm.  Please consult chapter 8 of The Butterfly and Life Span Nutrition* (see below) for details about optimal choices for fluids. We recommend the following kidney flush protocol in order to further facilitate blood filtering and removal of toxins by the kidneys.

The Oxygen-Skin-Kidney-Bone Connections from Majid Ali on Vimeo.

Flush Protocol Watermelon (when in season)

  1.  Eat small to moderate amounts of watermelon at frequent intervals throughout the day.
  2. You may also take freshly prepared watermelon juice.  After juicing, store in refrigerator for a few hours without any loss of benefits
  3. Take one or two level teaspoons of salt water from morning to 6 pm, with or without watermelon.  The salt may be taken any way according to your taste.  Suggestions are with a cup of hot water and a few drops of lemon, with meals or simply licked.  You may also choose to salt the watermelon.

When Watermelon is Not Available

  1.  Mix juice of one lemon with 6-12 ounces of water and drink during the day.
  2. Additional fluids must be taken to maintain a state of over-hydration from morning until 6 pm
  3. Add one glass of unsweetened cranberry juice to the above every day

The old advice of adding honey to lemon juice to improve its taste is inappropriate for individuals with a history of allergy, yeast overgrowth and toxicity.

* Excerpt from Butterfly and Life Span Nutrition:

Life Span Beverage Choices

Spring and mineral waters

Vegetable juices, fresh, unsalted (carrot, daikon, spinach, beets, celery)

Bancha, barley and Mu teas

Grain coffee such as Yannoh (a coffee substitute made from barley, rye and chicory)

Gingerroot water (cheapest and best water. Boil one and half  inch of fresh gingerroot with one gallon of water, let it cool, transfer it into a glass bottle discarding the last one inch of water behind, and refrigerate. Ginger alkaloids bind to water pollutants and precipitate them down).

Herbal teas, in rotation and as prescribed by a professional. Herbal teas should be rotated as beverages as well as for their healthful effects. These teas are not recommended as treatment of specific active diseases except under the direct supervision of a physician.

Fruit teas: almond, cherries, and others

Ginger Ale or Ginger Water for health from Majid Ali on Vimeo.

Second Line Choices

Fruit juices (A large glass of orange juice may contain as many as 6-8 teaspoons of fructose which is metabolized somewhat slower than glucose, still it causes a sugar overload.

Lime, lemon and light colas are caffeine-free and have citrate (alkaline effect) and should be preferred to dark sodas (which contain caffeine and phosphate).

Aspartame: acceptable on occasions except for people with aspartame sensitivity (molecular individuality)

Sugar Makes Cells Sticky Majid Ali MD from Majid Ali on Vimeo.

Aging-Oxidant Beverages Black (common) tea


Dark colas are caffeine-rich, contain phosphates and are better avoided (or restricted).

Alcoholic beverages (Alcohol is an aging-oxidant molecule. However, when taken in modest amounts on special family and other occasions, it has some redeeming desirable effects on mood.)

Dehydration Majid Ali MD from Majid Ali on Vimeo.

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