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It is one of the profound ironies of prevailing drug medicine that there is no concept of liver detox among liver specialists. Treatment of most liver diseases in the hands of gastroenterologists and hepatologists is confined to the use of immune-suppressive therapies, such as steroids, chemotherapy drugs, large doses of agents such as interferon, or liver transplants. Otherwise, medical texts recommend “supportive treatment,” which is a euphemism for symptom suppression with drugs. In most patients with nutritional, ecologic, immune, and heavy metal toxicity disorders, liver blood tests are often considered “within normal limits,” and no attempt is made to prescribe nutritional, herbal, and natural detox therapies.

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In contrast to gastroenterologists and internists, naturopaths nearly all develop an abiding lifelong interest in this organ. That is so because the use of liver-friendly nutrients, herbs, and liver detox is emphasized as the core strategy in their schools. They recognize the clinical benefits of liver detox therapies, not only in patients with known liver diseases but also with chronic immune, nutritional, and ecologic disorders. Many of them are awkward in describing their concepts of the structure and function of the liver. And yet, their clinical results are superior to those obtained with drug therapies, except in cases of advanced liver failure.

Liver Disease discussion

Insulin-Toxic Liver Disease (ITLD)


A discussion of fatty liver

Fatty Disease of the Liver in 20% Adults, Really from Majid Ali on Vimeo.

What Causes Fatty Change of the Liver It is Insulin Toxicity. from Majid Ali on Vimeo.

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Insulin Toxicity Case 8 Fatty Change of the Liver from Majid Ali on Vimeo.

Helping your liver

The LEMP Spicy Lemonade Fluid Fast for the Liver

Lemon juice, maple syrup, cayenne, and Epsom salt have been used for centuries in various formulations for combined liver and bowel detox procedures. Below, I describe the adaptation which my colleagues at the Institute of Integrative Medicine, New York, and I have used for several years with empirical benefits. The procedure is simple and, when done correctly (in a prayerful / meditative state), does not cause any discomfort. The old “begin low-build slow principle” is as applicable here as in other publications for medical education. We do not find it necessary to alter the use of prescription medications for our patients when they engage in the LEMP fast. We do reduce by 50% the nutrient and herbal supplements during the first day of the fast.

I do not recommend a LEMP fast for periods longer than one day at a time, since I have encountered adverse responses with extended fast/flushes. The amount of needed Epsom salt varies with the condition of individuals. Two to three quarts of additional water should be taken during the day. If hunger develops and you become uncomfortable, a grapefruit may be eaten. A light vegetarian meal is suggested for the evening if hypoglycemic symptoms occur. The following is the two-part recommended protocol: Part A: Begin in the morning and continue through the day with the spicy lemonade fluid consisting of: (1) two tablespoons of fresh lemon juice; (2) two tablespoons of maple syrup (grade B); (3) one-half teaspoon of cayenne powder (except in cases of gastritis and stomach ulcers); (4) add 24 ounces of water, or more to the taste; and (5) drink in small portions throughout the day, at your comfort level. May begin with a second 24-ounces of the above. Part B: Begin the morning or mid-morning saline laxative with one teaspoon of Epsom salt with three ounces of water. Slowly build to one tablespoon, more if needed, for complete bowel evacuation.

Repeat after one hour (one tablespoon Epsom salt with three ounces of water), if no bowel movement occurs. Repeat after one hour, if necessary. Hypoglycemic symptoms develop uncommonly among our patients. Should symptoms occur, we recommend drinking four ounces of a protein shake every four hours. If symptoms persist, the LEMP fast should be terminated.

Liver-Friendly Nutrients and Herbs

Lecithin is the guardian angel of the liver. I prescribe it five days a week for all my patients. Flaxseed and organic vegetable juice are my next priorities. All three are included in Dr. Ali’s breakfast. I prescribe liberal daily doses of oxystatic nutrients, including glutathione (100-300 mg); co-enzyme Q10 (100 to 200 mg); methylsulfonylmethane (MSM, 750 to 1,500 mg); taurine (750 to 1,500 mg); and antioxidant vitamins. Among the minerals in elemental doses are magnesium (500 to 750 mg); potassium (100 to 150 mg); calcium (500 to 750 mg); zinc (25 to 50 mg); and selenium, chromium, and molybdenum (400 to 600 mcg each). For oxystatic phytofactor support of the liver, I use the following two combinations in weekly rotation: (1) milk thistle, 100 mg; goldenseal, 50 mg; dandelion root, 50 mg; black radish, 50 mg; catnip, 50 mg; methionine, 400 mg; choline bitrate, 200 mg; and inositol, 20 mg; and (2) red clover, 100 mg; tumeric, 100 mg; ginger, 100 mg; fennel seeds, 100 mg; Jerusalem artichoke, 100 mg; and tumeric, 100 mg. Onions, boswellia, green tea, and rosemary are other suitable choices. In my view, it is crucial to use herbs and phytofactors in rotation.

CASTOR-OIL for the Liver

Castor Oil Is Amazing Majid Ali MD from Majid Ali on Vimeo.

Castor Oil – Apply Everywhere, Simply, Simply, Simply from Majid Ali on Vimeo.

Castor-Cise is my term for an integrated program of:
(1) a castor oil liver detox based on the ancient Indian tradition;
(2) a castor oil bowel detox based on the ancient Chinese tradition;
(3) a sesame oil oral detox based on its empirical benefits; and
(4) limbic, non-competitive, meditative exercise.

Below, I describe my own routine of Castor-Cise three times a week. I regularly prescribe it for all my patients and strongly urge them to be innovative once they have learned the basic routine.

Dr. Ali’s Castor-Cise
On weekend mornings, I warm two tablespoons of castor oil in a large spoon by flame. I apply the oil liberally to the following areas:
(1) the liver area (the rib cage on the right side, extending from mid-line in front to the mid-line behind);
(2) the front and sides of the abdomen;
(3) shoulders; and
(4) face (a light smear).

For the next two hours, I stay in a limbic state, a meditative state free of the noise of a cluttered mind.12 I do not use the telephone or watch TV. Low volume music is acceptable at times. I prepare my breakfast as described above (usually 60 ounces of my protein shake) and take nutrient and herbal supplements with eight to ten ounces of the shake at a time. Intermittently, I engage in limbic exercise (gentle, non-competitive, meditative13 I favor rebounding (jumping jacks on a rug wearing thick socks), rug-running, and light weights (ten to fifteen pounds). There is no sweating, huffing, or puffing, nor any sore muscles (crucial for a 74-year-old with much work to do). In between segments of exercise, I practice Limbic Breathing and try to be in a spiritual state.

I often work on my computer as well during Castor-Cise. Writing comes easier in the limbic state. At the end, I shave, shower, and get ready for the rest of my day. My shower begins with hot water and end with a sudden burst of cold water. My sense is that the clinical benefits of the ancient practice of sauna, followed by jumping in very cold water, accrue from improvement of autonomic equilibrium. Each castor period is free of the demands of a cluttered mind.

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Healing Seminar 1 – Introduction
Life is growing and growing is learning. In his course, he offers simple and low-cost natural remedies to preserve health and reverse chronic disease.

Healing Seminar 2 – Cellular Fermentation Forms the Foundation of Disease
Professor Ali defines disease in two ways: (1) disease is a state of separation from one’s nature; and (2) disease is evolution in reverse. In this second of 8 seminars of “Dr. Ali’s Course on Healing,” he explains what he means by evolution in reverse.

Healing Seminar 3 – Oxygen Model of Inflammation
Professor Majid Ali recognizes and describes two modes of inflammation: (1) healing physiologic inflammation and (2) disease-causing pathologic inflammation. He explains how no healing is possible without inflammation and how there is no disease in which inflammation does not play a crucial role.

Healing Seminar 4 – Breakfast Shake
In this 45-minute video seminar, Professor Majid Ali, M.D. presents his own breakfast taken four to five days a week. It consists of organic 12 ounces of vegetable juice and water, two tablespoons each of a protein powder and freshly ground flaxseed, one-and-half tablespoon of lecithin, and 12 ounces of water.

Healing Seminar 5 – Top Seven Natural Remedies
Professor Ali describes his top seven natural healing remedies as follows: (1) Limbic Breathing ; (2) Dr. Ali’s Breakfast; (3) Exercise; (4) Bowel-Liver Detox; (5) Castor Oil Rub Therapies; (6) Peroxide Oxygen Therapies; and (7) Ethical-Spiritual-Energy healing. He found these therapies to be safe and highly effective for all chronic disorders.

Healing Seminar 6 Natural Anti-inflammatory Remedies
In this 45-minute video seminar, Professor Majid Ali, M.D. presents his choices of most effective natural remedies for various inflammatory disease and how most people can avoid drugs for diseases, such as asthma, eczema, acne, psoriasis, arthritis, trigger points, fibromyalgia, lupus, interstitial cystitis, polymyalgia, sarcoidosis, Crohn’s colitis, ulcerative colitis, and others.

Healing Seminar 7 – Bowel Detox –
In this DVD video seminar, Prof. Ali describes his guidelines for gentle daily bowel detox and colon cleanse. He explains the advantages of this approach over intense one-week to 3-week programs which, notwithstanding their temporary benefits, often create adverse effects programs bowel.

Healing Seminar 8 – Liver Detox
In this DVD video seminar, Prof. Ali describes his guidelines for gentle daily liver detox. He explains the advantages of this approach over intense one-week to 3-week programs which, notwithstanding their temporary benefits, often create adverse effects. The guardian angel of the liver is the bowel. Please view Dr. Ali’s Bowel Video Detox Seminar for a deeper understanding of this subject.

Healing Seminar 9 – Oxygen Model of Health and Disease
Professor Majid Ali presents his Oxygen Mode of Health and Disease and Oxygen Model of Disease. He speaks about his journey of a surgeon-turned-pathologist-turned-immunologist-turned-nutritionist-turned-ecologist-turned-“energy physician.” His unifying oxygen models are based on his evolutionary perspective of health, disease, and healing.

Healing Seminar 10 – Acid-Alkali Balance
Professor Majid Ali explains the importance of acid-alkali balance in health preservation and the reversal of chronic disease. In his evolutionary perspective, he recognizes oxygen as the ultimate regulator of this balance. He cautions against too much reliance on the values of pH (acidity indicator) in blood, urine, and saliva samples, since these samples reflect the body’s responses to threats to the balance.

Healing Seminar 11 – Oxidant – Antioxidant Regulation
Professor Majid Ali presents the scientific facts of oxidant-antioxidant regulation, beginning with definitions of terms and simple explanation of natural processes called oxidation (loss of electron energy) and reduction (gain of electron energy) with simple analogies. Next he shows how oxygen regulates oxidant-oxidates reactions and why oxidant therapies are more important than antioxidant therapies.

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