Peroxide Foot Soaks Protocol

Dr. Ali’s Peroxide Foot Soaks Protocol

My Preferred, Effective, Safe and Inexpensive Oxygen Therapy
Majid Ali, M.D.

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Hydrogen peroxide was discovered in 1818 by the French chemist Louis-Jacques Thenard. He coined the term eau oxygenee for it to express his belief that it was an oxygenated form of oxygen. It is not clear if he fully understood the enormous medical significance of his discovery.

I cannot say enough about peroxide foot soaks. Please read the following text carefully twice and test it out.

Standard Peroxide Foot Soaks Protocol

1. Water 50 parts
2. Hydrogen peroxide 3% 1 part
(After the first peroxide soak is tolerated well, increase peroxide to three parts with 50 parts of water)
3. Salt 1/3 teaspoon, preferably sea salt

The amount of fluids may vary depending on the size of the soaking vessel. It is highly unlikely that redness or irritation will occur with fifty parts of water. Still you may wish to increase peroxide from one part to two parts and then finally to three parts.

Peroxide Soaks for Inflammatory, Autoimmune, Degenerative, and Malignant Conditions

Hydrogen peroxide soaks are very helpful in nearly all cases of inflammatory, autoimmune, degenerative, and malignant tumors. The most dramatic demonstration of the benefits are seen in cases of chronic low-grade inflammation, tissue swelling, and poorly healing injured ligaments and joint tissues. Recent research has shown how minute amounts of hydrogen peroxide can activate several genes that are responsible for clearing tissue debris and improve venous and lymphatic circulation.

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At the Institute, we have observed many empirical benefits of hydrogen peroxide for other clinical conditions. The mechanisms of action of hydrogen peroxide in those situations involve reduction of oxidative stress and restoration of oxygen metabolism.

The soaks can be done for the hands or feet at 20-30 minutes each soak. The soaks may be done at different concentrations of hydrogen peroxide. Any suitable vessel can be used for the soak.

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Hydrogen Peroxide Foot Soaks With Meditation/prayer

Fear and anger are crucial compounding factors in all serious threats to health — real or imagined — that creates the very conditions that threaten cellular health: oxidosis (too much oxidative stress), acidosis (too much acidity), and dysoxygenosis (dysfunctional oxygen metabolism). Thus, in my view, must be considered one of the top priorities in seasonal flu epidemics, and far more importantly in the case of a possible bird flu pandemic. Combining meditation/prayer with hydrogen peroxide foot soaks is the best approach to the twins problems of fear and threatened cellular oxygen metabolism. In this chapter, I also include guidelines for measures that are useful for managing fear and/or anxiety reactions.

We live in an “Age of Beware Living.” I introduced the term Beware-Living for a life lived according to expectations of other people. It is a living with a life script established by others. “Be-Aware-Living” is my term for a life lived with one’s own inner voices – a way of one’s own choosing. I urge my patients to combine ethical-spiritual work when doing all types of oxygen therapies which I recommend. When they do so, nearly always they report good results.

Peroxide Oxygen Therapies

Below is a link to an article in which I present practical steps for such therapies. I suggest the readers finish this article and then go to link given below for how-to information.

Dr. Ali’s Hydrogen Peroxide-Salt Bath

What Is Happiness?

Happiness is an illusion. That is one reason why no two people ever agree on what constitutes happiness. No matter how one chooses to define happiness, it is an empty notion—now you have it, now you don’t. Few things make people more unhappy than the search for happiness. Struggle for happiness is essentially Beware Living. The mind craves more of what is put into it.

What Is Gratitude?
The best reason for practicing gratitude that I know is that it makes getting out of the bed in the morning less demanding. For others, it makes the morning hours a profoundly spiritual time. Practice of gratitude is Be-Aware-Living. The mind craves more of what is put into it.

This article is an excerpt from  The Rooster, the Flu and Imperial Medicine of the New Empire.

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