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Health, at the basic level, is the oxygen rhythm of life. Next to slow limbic breathing, water is the simplest, safest and cheapest way of preserving that rhythm.

At the cellular level, all chronic disorders are caused by too much acidity (acidosis), excess oxyradical activity (oxidosis), and clotting-unclotting dysequilibrium in (CUD) bodily fluids. Next to slow breathing , water is the simplest, safest, and cheapest way of preventing acidosis, oxidosis, and CUD.

Most of us, when not making a conscious effort, stay in a state of mild dehydration. Dehydration stresses our metabolic pathways, and in particular exaggerates the acidotic stress caused by our food and our environments. In general, aging-oxidant foods increase the dehydration stress and life span foods diminish it. A simple remedy for the metabolic problems of dehydration and acidosis is a habit of drinking life span fluids.

The ideal drinking water is a fresh, natural, nonchlorinated spring or deep well water obtained from natural, noncommercial sources. (Problem: where are we to find such water?) Bottled spring waters generally go through a packaging process: Some are good; others are not.

The best vegetable juices are fresh unsalted juices. Cans of most commercially available vegetable juices contain as much as 500-600 mg of sodium (a “life span mineral” turned into an “aging-oxidant mineral” by the American food industry). Unsalted canned vegetable juices are next best choices.

How Much Water?

Table 1 gives my guidelines for achieving overhydration in the morning and optimal hydration during the rest of the day. For many persons, it is desirable every three to four hours except during the late evening and night hours.

Table 1. Guidelines for Daily Water IntakeAccording to the Body Weight in Pounds
170 and over 5 quarts
150 4 quarts
125 3 quarts
100 2.5 quarts

Water Therapy Sheet

Unrelenting emphasis on optimal hydration is essential in clinical setting. To underscore the importance of water as a prescription item, my colleagues at the Institute and I use a “Water Therapy Sheet” which I included in my booklet entitled “Life Span Nutrition” written for patient education. Below, I include the text on that sheet for the reader’s interest.

Following is the specific dose of water therapy prescribed by your physician:
Please drink 3, 4, 5 quarts of pure water between morning and 6 PM.

Please take 1/3, 1/2, 2/3 teaspoonful of sea salt daily in any desirable form.

(LaBaleine is a good brand of sea salt.) Persons with history of heart disease need to discuss this with their physicians.

  • Organic vegetable juices and herbal teas are included in the daily water dose.
  • Coffee, tea, sodas, and fruit juices do not qualify for water.
  • Lemon juice may be added to hot or cold water for change of taste.
  • Seltzer water is permissible.
  • Please do limbic/lymphatic rebounding exercise in the morning to distribute the
    water into the tissues.

The human body is a water pond in which float all human cells. When a drought lowers the water level in a pond, all pond life suffers; many life forms die. Chronic dehydration does the same to human tissues and cells. This is not melodrama. It is a simple truth.

Is there any disease in which water dysregulation does not play a role? The answer is none. Consider the following:

-The primary difference between a young and an aged cell is that the aged cell is dehydrated and shrunken.

-The primary difference between a vigorous and a tired cell is that the tired cell is dehydrated and shrunken. The primary difference between a healthy and a toxic cell is that the toxic cell is dehydrated and shrunken.

-Water is the best cell energizer and resuscitator. (Caffeine, by contrast, drains energy. In the brain cells, water generates energy, coffee only releases it for brief periods.) Water is the best tissue detoxicant. It is the best diuretic. It is the best enhancer of enzyme functions of energy, detoxification, digestive, and neurotransmitter systems. It is the best antidote for acidotic stress.

Following are some more reasons why we prescribe water therapy for patients with chronic fatigue states, ecologic, immune, and nutritional disorders, heart disease, lung disorders, and cancer. All cells contain microchannels of water that make possible the traffic of materials and information among cells. In the brain cells, water is essential for nerve impulses to be generated and transmitted. In the heart muscles, it makes it possible for them to contract and so let the heart beat. In the bowel, it allows digestive and absorptive functions. In the liver cells, it catalyzes all detoxification processes. In the kidneys, it carries toxins into the urine. In the cartilage, it protects the ends of bones in a joint and so prevents arthritis. Indeed, no life processes are possible without water.

Organic Vegetable Juices
Fresh organic vegetable juice is the very best way to assure an ample supply of nutrients for optimal function of enzymes of human energy, detoxification, digestive/absorptive, and neurotransmitter pathways. Such nutrients include:

For times when fresh juicing is not feasible, bottled organic vegetable juices may be used. Such juices contain all the minerals present in fresh juices (minerals do not degrade with storage). However, bottled juices may not contain many of the vitamins and enzymes present in fresh vegetables.

Optimal Hydration for Robust Bowel, Blood, and Liver Ecosystems

In my clinical experience, the single most common cause of prolonged bowel transit time and constipation is chronic dehydration. Literally hundreds of my patients with chronic constipation reported satisfactory improvement with the simple measure of keeping themselves optimally hydrated. The bowel is the guardian angel of both the blood and liver ecosystems.

Beyond the issue of proper transit time are the equally important issues of providing fluids for the production of digestive fluids as well as for the digestive-absorptive functions. For instance, under optimal conditions the 24-hour output of saliva alone should be about 1,500 milliliters, whereas the volume of intestinal secretions should be 2,500 to 3,500 milliliters.

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medicine are of no value, and hence must be dismissed.

It continues to amaze me how otherwise intelligent physicians continue to be so dogmatic about nondrug therapies which they have no experience with. The editors  of medical journals speak of evidence-based medicine with loud voices. They  pride in their medical ‘facts’ and deride the ‘opinions’ of integrative practitioners. In their myopic view of medicine, they assert that what cannot be investigated with their blessed double-blind cross-over methodology is not scientific, hence  of no clinical value. They fail to see the glaring disconnect between the needs of the sick and their notions of science in medicine. The sick needs robust  nutritional, environmental, and spiritual measures for healing. None of those measures can be examined with their double-blind cross-over methodology for  establishing drug therapies.

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