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Dr. Ali’s Animals Stories

My Animals Speak for Healing, Calling a Spade a Spade – www.kids123.org from Majid Ali on Vimeo.

A Dog Tells the Full Story of High Blood Pressure – Childrens Health Corps – www.kids123.org from Majid Ali on Vimeo.

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The Chipmunk and The Man With the Gray Dog

Chipeck climbed the window sill of the intensive care unit when the Man With the Gray Dog was rushed into it. The sprawling hospital building was not part of the chipmunk’s turf. His burrow under a large tree was some distance away. On this day, he had wandered farther than usual in search of nuts and seeds. What he saw through the glass was a world unknown to him. He saw some men in white coats lift the Man’s limp body and lower it gently on a large bed. His face was covered with a mask through which a machine pumped something into his chest. A dark yellow liquid dripped from a plastic bottle, passed through some tubing, and entered his arm. The walls flashed and burst with bright lights, spiking lines, swirling figures, sinking lumps.  He had never seen such a high‑speed kaleidoscope. He was mesmerized.


Chipeck—that was the name his mom gave him when she first laid eyes on him—unlike the others in the litter, his delicate fur was speckled.  Within weeks, she knew that Chipeck was different, curious, intensely observant, always spying on others, often snickering. He looked at the same things as others did but saw things others did not. She noticed he had selective deafness, knowingly refusing to hear things which he did not wish to hear. He is a seer, his mother told his dad.

Some days after the Man with the Gray Dog was brought in, he looked out the window and was startled to see the Gray Dog looking back at him which had materialized from the thin cold air. Chipeck saw the Gray Dog too—he could see what men could not, though he was color‑blind. Several moments passed and the Man recovered from his initial shock. He remembered the day his father brought home two pups, one white and one gray. He saw himself rushing to lift up the white puppy and completely ignoring the gray puppy. The events rolled like a movie  before the Man’s third eye—gray puppy growing, throwing himself at his feet, he pushing it aside and cuddling the white puppy. He recalled playing with white puppy as it grew, at home, in the yard, on the playing field—the gray dog always staying behind, blankly watching the two. “Oh, my God! How could I? How could anyone?” The Man spoke trembling uncontrollably and wept unashamedly. “God, take me if you will,’ he sobbed inconsolably, but first let me make it up to my gray dog,” he went on. Chipek heard all that.

The Man was evidently startled by the Gray Dog’s appearance. Why? Why? Chipeck wondered. Then he visualized the events rolling like a video before the Man’s third eye—many chipmunks can see what most men cannot—and understood the Man’s profound remorse for having mistreated the Gray Dog in blind love of the White Dog. “O’ God,” he murmured, moments before the Man did. He knew the Man was going to live and decided to make sure that he witnessed his first encounter with the Gray Dog when he was sent home from the hospital. And that he did some days later.

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