Nutrients and Phytofactors


The term “vitamin” was coined by by Polish scientist Casimir Funk to indicate his belief that these substances are vital to life.

In a general sense, a vitamin is a substance which serves as an essential nutrient in very small amounts, but cannot be synthesized in sufficient quantities in the body. by an organism, and must be obtained from the diet. At this time, 13 vitamins are universally recognized. The term vitamin is not used for other essential nutrients (dietary minerals, essential fatty acids or essential amino acids) which are needed in larger amounts than vitamins.

Discovery of Vitamins

1913 Vitamin A (Retinol) Cod liver oil

1910 Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) Rice bran

1920 Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid) Citrus, most fresh foods

1920 Vitamin D (Calciferol) Cod liver oil

1920 Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) Meat, eggs

1922 Vitamin E (Tocopherol) Wheat germ oil, unrefined vegetable oils

1926 Vitamin B12 (Cobalamins) Liver, eggs, animal products

1929 Vitamin K (Phylloquinone/phytol naphthoquinone) Leafy green vegetables

1931 Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic acid) Meats, whole grains,

in many foods

1931 Vitamin B7 (Biotin) Meats, dairy products, eggs

1934 Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine) Meat, dairy products.

1936 Vitamin B3 (Niacin) Meat, eggs, grains

1941 Vitamin B9 (Folic acid) Leafy green vegetables

Generally recognized basic benefits of these nutrients
Vitamin A
– Fights infection; good for respiratory system; eyes; skin disorders.

Alfalfa – Great healer, laxative, effective in stomach disorders, feeds good bacteria.
Allium – “Blood thinner”; feeds good bacteria.
Aloe Vera – Natural healer, mild laxative, hemorrhoid aid.
Amylase – Fat metabolizer; Digestive aid.
Artichoke leaves – Digestive aid.
Astragalus root – Digestive aid, Immune system aid.
Vitamin B-l – Helps carbohydrate metabolism; neurotransmitterers.
Vitamin B-2 – Helps process fats; proteins; carbohydrates; good for skin.
Vitamin B-3 – Detoxifier; good for colon.
Vitamin B-6 – Pyridoxine helps absorption of proteins and amino acids.
Beet root fiber – Feeds good bacteria, roughage.
Beta carotene – powerful antioxidant.
Bifidobacterium -Friendly bacteria, effective in Candida overgrowth, helps restore immune system, works well with large amounts of Vitamin C.
Bioflavinoids -Anti-inflammation, anti-histamine; helps Vitamin C absorption.
Black radish – Detoxifier
Blessed thistle – Digestive aid.
Bloodroot – Diuretic; expectorant.
Burdock Root – Restores membrane and cell tissue functions, intestinal secretion stimulant, laxative.
Butcher’s Broom – Diuretic, rejuvenator.
Vitamin C – fights cell damage;heart disease; vital to amino acids; Eliminates toxins.
Calcium – Essential for cell function, heart and skeleton, immune system, nervous system.
Cascara saerada – A laxative.
Cat’s Claw – Anti-inflammatory agent; boosts immune system.
Catnip – Reduces stress; Digestive aid.
Cayenne – Improves circulation, Digestive aid.
Cedarberrv – Fights bad bacteria; helps urinary tract.
Chamomile – Reduces stress; Digestive aid.
Chromium – Helps with blood pressure, osteoporosis.
Choline bitartrate – Neurotransmitter, for a “calming effect”
Copper – Helps absorb Vitamin C,helps elasticity of tissues.
Cranberry – Rich in protein, fights bad bacteria, helps urinary function.
Dandelion root – fights internal and external stresses.
Devil’s Claw – Anti-inflammatory agent.
DHEA – (dehydroeplandrosterone) decreases the stickiness of platelets, small particles In the blood that often clump together and cause heart attacks and strokes. Lowers blood pressure, helpful in cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis, memory loss, chronic fatigue syndrome, and Parkinson’s disease, and has been shown to increase the level of estrogen in women.
Vitamin E – Prevents oxidation of fats and Vit A; good for cholesterol and depression.
Echinacea – Feeds good bacteria.
Fennel Seed – Helps body fight internal and external stresses. Promotes menstruation
Fenugreek – Fights internal and external stresses
Folic acid – helps form proteins and hemoglobin; increase appetite; can act as pain killer. Helps prevent anemia and good for pain.
Garlic – Natural antibiotic.
Gentian root – Feeds good bacteria.
Ginger – Detoxifier of liver and digestive tract, sluggish circulation
Ginko biloba – Improves circulation especially in brain.
Ginseng – increases energy and stamina.
Goldenseal root – A healer with antibiotic type properties.
Grapefruit seed extract – Weeds out yeasts and parasites.
Guar gum – Decreases fat absoiption, laxative.
Hawthorn berry – “Heart tonic.”
Inositol – Metabolizes fat; good for brain. For a “calming effect.”
Jerusalem artichoke – Healer, feeds good bacteria.
L-Arginine – Amino acid helps rebuild and repair tissues.
L-Glutathione– helps against fatigue; depression; impotence;speeds healing.
L-Methionine – Protects against certain tumors and mental disorders.
Lactobacillus acidophilus -Friendly bacteria, effective in Candida overgrowth, helps restore immune system, works well with large amounts of Vitamin C.
Lactobacillus bulgaricus – Friendly bacteria, effective in Candida overgrowth, helps restore immune system, works well with large amounts of Vitamin C.
Lecithin – Detoxifier; for weight loss
Licorice root extract – Intestinal secretion stimulant and laxative. Fights internal and external stresses, Helps alleviate uterine problems.
Linden flowers – Helps body fight colds, coughs, sore throat.
Lipase – Aids in fat digestion.
Magnesium -Helps cell function, aids immune system, “nature’s calcium channel blocker.” Helps prevents depression and regulates neuromuscular activity.
Methvlsulfonvlmethane – (MSM) is abundant in the brain where it assists nerve transmission and function. The sulfur in MSM is an integral part of many proteins, hormones and other substances critical to healthy body metabolism. Prevents the buildup and Crystallization of lactic acid in muscle tissue. MSM makes the cellular walls more permeable, allowing the toxins to be flushed out. Good for emphysema,asthma, allergies, PMS, chronic headaches.
Milk thistle extract – Digestive aid, healer. A healer with antibiotic properties.
Niacin – Detoxifier.
Mother’s Wart – Immune builder, “Heart tonic”.
Mistletoe – Helps body fight internal and external stresses.
Niacinimide (Vitamin B-3) – Detoxifier; good for colon.
PABA – B-Complex-especially good for skin disorders, mood swings.
Pantethine – Helps immune system,antibody formation, stress. Speeds recovery from fatigue and immune disorders.
Papain – Fights infection and allergy.
Par-Ouing – Feeds good bacteria.
Parsley leaves – Diuretic; expectorant.
Pau D’Arco – Feeds good bacteria.
Peppermint – Headaches; nerousness; nausea; cramps; coughs.
Potassium – Helps nerve function; glucose metabolism; muscles.
Psyllium – Feeds good bacteria
Pvridoxal 5 Phosphate – Detox; aids liver function.
Schisandra – Immune booster.
Sheep sorrel – Helps body fight internal and external stresses.
Selenium – Helps prevent heart disease; cancer.
Senna – Stimulates and helps cleanse bowel.
Slippery elm – Helps body fight internal and external stresses.
Siberian ginseng – increases energy and stamina.
Spirulina – Protein that weeds out yeasts and parasites and feeds good bacteria.
St. John’s wort – inhibits growth of certain bacteria, anti-viral capacities, promotes rest.
Taurine – Cell stabilizer, helps protect kidneys, brain and heart.
Turmeric – Antioxidant mimic, healer.
Vitamin B-5 – Reduces adverse effects of antibiotics, fights fatigue, detoxifies, fights infection.
Zinc – Good for muscles; prostate; mental awareness; infertility.


The safety and efficacy of all therapies— nutrients, phytofactors, or synthetic drugs—are not defined by chemists, botanists, or researchers at pharmaceutical companies. Rather, that is the province of clinicians who carefully follow their patients after those therapies are introduced and diligently maintain records of the clinical outcome they observed. There
are no exceptions to that. This is the heart of the matter in all discussions of the safety and efficacy of all nutrient and phytofactor therapies prescribed by integrative clinicians like myself. It is a sad comment on the state of affairs in
the prevailing model of pharmacologic blockade medicine in the United States that astute clinical observations of those who care for hurt humans are widely sacrificied on the presumptions of those who conduct experiments with mutated mice. The results obtained with short-term trials with blocker drugs—for cell membrane receptors, ion channels, and pumps, or those that inhibit cellular enzyme and mediators of healing responses—are accepted without scrutiny. And
yet, long-term clinical observations of cautious, knowledgeable, and experienced clinicians who prefer nondrug therapies are outright dismissed because they are considered ‘not scientific’. It is simply true that nutrients and phvtofactors, when prescribed following the core tenets of integrative medicine yield far better long-term results than blocker drugs.

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